Another week has gotten by me.  I don’t know how it happens, but it does.  It is good to be back from the conference, but there is much to do at home and work.   It will take me weeks to get caught up.  Argh…

LAST WEEK –  I returned from the conference on Tuesday evening and was sick.  ARGH!!!  I returned to work on Wednesday and had a busy week at the office. 

WEEKEND –  Our weekend was pretty quiet.  Friday night we had family movie night as always. We watched The Golden Compass.   It was pretty good, but we were all distracted a bit, which made it hard to follow. 

SATURDAY – we all slept in as I have had this cold/allergy thing going on for almost three weeks.   We went to Sam’s Club.  After dropping off the stuff from Sam’s we picked up Josh and went out for lunch and to the library.  Hubby wanted to get a Blue Ray player for our anniversary so we stopped to look at Sam’s for one with Josh.  We ended up having to go to a Sams in Woodbury to buy one.  We rented a couple of Blue Ray movies and called it a night. 

SUNDAY –  I worked on doing some laundry and then went to a benefit for a friend’s grandchildren.  The children are a set of twins just born that have Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).  The benefit was a silent auction and spaghetti dinner.  There weren’t too many people there so I bid on a few items.  I won three items.  Two baskets of Tuperware things and another kitchen theme basket.  

The rest of my evening was spent paying bills and getting stuff done to start the week.  I had alot of stuff to do for Tommy’s read A Thon and other school stuff.   He is registered to run on the Medtronic Marathon with my hubby on May 17th.     

I finished my book ‘ World Without End by Ken Follett – Love it!!  (5/5) and started a new book.   I also was up late last night getting some things set up for my online book group.  I posted two contests for members to participate in.  I came up with some cool prizes as well.   I also finished up the survey and posted the reading schedule.   We will be reading the following books:

Reading Schedule: June – November
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen –  Discussion Starts June 1st 

Stones Diaries by Carol Shields –  Discussion Starts July 1st 

The Gathering – Anne Enright – Discussion Starts August 1st

Creation in Death – Nora Roberts writing as J. D. Robbs – Discussion Starts September 1st

A Widow for One Year – John Irving – Discussion Starts October 1st

Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger – Discussion Starts November 1st

Our first Discussion will start on June 1st!!  Join the discussion by registering to participate on the
message board

Happy Reading!!

THIS WEEK:  It promises to be another busy week.  I will be working each day this week.  I am working late tonight.  My last homevisit of the night is at 7:00pm. 

Hubby and I will also be touring a new school for Erik.  Tommy has a dentist appointment and we will be attending the Culminating Evening Event at his school. 

Our plans for Mother’s Day weekend is to get our garden planted and our outdoor living room all set up.   Everyone helps to get everything done in the yard as my Mother’s Day gift.   I am looking forward to sitting on my outside porch and reading.  AAAAH……  I also need to get groceries, but I hope to do that on Friday evening if possible. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!!! 

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