Happy Monday…..

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was not the greatest on Saturday, but Sunday turned out to be really nice.  Tommy and I both seem to be suffering from allergies so are feeling a bit under the weather all weekend.   We both got extra sleep on Sunday morning and that seems to have helped.  

Josh is thinking about moving into a townhome with some friends.  I have very mixed feelings about that.  We will see how it goes.  I think Josh is ready, but not his friend.  Plus I would rather have Josh at home as I would miss him so much.   But he wouldn’t be too far away.  

We went to Patio Town to look at some pavers for the summer project hubby and Josh want to complete.   I am not exactly sure what we will decide.  Hubby and Josh went to Menards to get wood and finish up the steps on the deck from last year.   It was very nice on Sunday and they worked until dark.  

I spent Sunday relaxing and washing laundry.  I hope to be all caught up before going to Duluth on Friday.  We will see.   I did get all of hubby’s done so he could pack for his trip.  

Well I best get running as I need to pick up Tommy today. 

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