Child Abuse Prevention Month


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month – Our children are our greatest hope for the future.  Make a commitment today to the safety and security of our children, families and communities.


As you might be able to tell this is a subject very close to my heart.  I want to educate everyone to prevent child abuse and protect all the children, including mine.  Make good choices not popular choices to protect your children.  Think of their safety first.



I attended the Child Abuse Symposium to hear Patty Wetterling present.  Many of you have probably heard of her.  She was a SAHM in MN whose son, Jacob was abducted and has never been found.   She does great advocacy and now works for the State of MN in unit to prevent sexual violence.  Also a survivor of molestation by a teacher presented at the Symposium.  A very brave man who I know will make a difference in other’s lives by sharing his story.  The case was prosecuted in the county where I a work.  It was heart breaking to see this man thank the County Attorney for his help in prosecuting his abuser. 


 I wanted to share with everyone some of the videos from the Symposium, but honestly they are too hard to watch.   So I will just share a music video by Martina McBride that conveys the need to prevent child abuse in a less graphic nature.  Hug your children and tell them you love them.  Remember that ever child is a gift from God, given to you. 


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