The house is quiet and that is so nice.  I have been trying to keep our days pretty structured as the boys do better with that.  Erik tends to sleep in until later so I let him do that.   I let the boys watch TV until after lunch and then I have been turning off the TV and getting them busy with some sort of activity.   Yesterday we made silly putty, today….lego building. 

Erik’s staff came yesterday and again today at 2:30.   I had them go to the YMCA and get info to sign up etc.  We are going to get Erik a membership so he can go there with staff once a week.  It is hard to keep him busy and I think this will be very important for the summer.  Today I will give him the check and look over the forms he filled out with staff and have them turn then in etc.   The staff will be taking the rest of the week off.  That will work out ok since I am home anyways.   Right now Erik is outside shoveling snow.  He is almost done.

Tommy has been outside and built a snowman with the neighbor boys.  Now Tommy is playing with Legos at the table chatting away with me.   I guess I am going to go and mop the kitchen floor and start thinking about going to work.  Hubby is coming home early today so I can leave earlier as I have a home visit at 5:30 and it is about 45 minutes away or more. 

Maybe I can even make myself sit down and read some of my book.  I have really been struggling with relaxing, but then again I always have a hard time with that. 

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  1. I’m thinking that we’re going to need to do something physical for David. He just needs to burn off some energy! I hope all goes well with the visitors and others!

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