My life has been touched with sadness lately.   My life is being touched by cancer in many ways.  My good friend and bookgroup member has just finished radiation.   My unit is actually going out for Breakfast tongether this week to celebrate her completion of radiation.  Another co-worker was diagnosed with a rare fast moving cancer.  She is doing Chemo and has returned to work.   Seing her each day, reminds ya that life is too short.   The other day another social worker’s 23 year old son was diagnosed with cancer which has spread to his lungs and brain.  It isn’t looking good for this young man.   So sad…his parents have withdrew him from college and brought him home and continue to fight the battle against the cancer.

Lastly, this morning I recevied an email that Pastor Mahan is now with the Lord.  He was the senior pastor of our church.  He last preached last Easter.  He informed the congregation at that time that he had CJD disease, which is incurable and terminal.   He was such a kind and loving man.  I was always struck by the amazing love in his voice when he spoke of his wife.  He had the passion and vision to start the christian school at our church.  This is the school that my son, Tommy attends.  The students of the school have been asked to sing at the funeral.  Pastor Steve loved hearing the students singing.   Our entire family will attend the funeral and Tommy will sing with the children of the school. 

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  1. I’m sorry, Jen. It does seem like cancer is just all around us but, as I was reminded this morning while walking to the dentist, we could get hit by a car and cash out as well. It’s hard to always be vigilant but that’s what we need to do.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man. I’m glad that he blessed so many in his life. We have many friends that are struggling with cancer too. It’s very scary and a constant reminder of how short and precious life is. It seems that lately my friends children have been diagnosed with some pretty serious things also and it’s heart breaking.

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