Call me completely crazy, but this is what has been taking up our time lately.

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The first night with Baby was terrible.  She cried all night.   I could only get her to quiet if she was held or if I dangled my arm in her box and she could curl up into the palm of my hand.  Not  great night of sleep at all for me!   Tommy is trying to take care of her on his own alot.  He is feeding her and will babysit for me if I need to leave the room.    She is attaching to Tommy very nicely.   I don’t want this dog to also attach to me, like Teddy. 

Last night she slept very well!  She was played with alot during the day and was tired at night.  We put  hot water bottle in the box and she was happy to curl up with that to sleep.  She woke only once during the night.  YEAH!! Progress.  

She does not officially have a name, we are just calling her baby.


Hubby is still sick.  He really can’t shake this bug.  He has been sick for going on two weeks.  Now Josh and I each have sore throats.  I am going to Walmart this morning to get some Zicam or some type of cold stuff.   I am taking my vitamins and hoping this doesn’t stay long.   I have to clean up the house today and do laundry.  I have not felt up to it lately.  Our new staff Ashleigh is starting today so I need to get things cleaned up and train her in.   Then back to work tomorrow so I can’t afford to be sick at all.  

I have a new group home that I am overseeing the opening of at work that will be opening on Friday.  I really need to be at work to make all goes fine with everything.  My client will be the first to move in so we have to make sure that licensing approves everything for move in.

I am off to shower and get my day going.   Hope you all have a great day!

13 thoughts on “Introducing……Baby….

  1. She’s so tiny! How much bigger is she expected to grow? Congrats on the new addition!

    Stay well! Keep fighting that cold! My MIL swears by Airborne, she loves that stuff and she swears its what kept her from getting her usual bronchitis this year.

  2. Those eyes! That face! The little paws!

    How sad that she has to put the cap on the zoo population.

    I’m a total sucker for furry critters… come to think of it, for slimy, scaly, feathered….

  3. We were looking for a chihuahua baby when we were visiting Amarillo 2 week-ends ago. In some ways I’d like one and in other ways I’m scared my 3 girls would tear the little thing apart! Yours is sure sweet looking!

    The flu, and other things mimicking it, are running rampant in Oklahoma, right now – epidemic proportions. I’ve sequestered myself away from anything living until the epidemic passes!

    Probably the old-fashioned rest, liquids, and aspirin for achy muscles are your best bet.

    Thanks for spending so much time at my site.

  4. I keep telling my family NO more inside dogs. But, if someone walked up and gave me that baby I’d change my mind fast. LOL  What an adorable puppy.
    I’ll be praying for your hubby.

    God Bless

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