Saturday was busy after I went to get my haircut we all went to the library and Walmart.  The boys did pretty well while we were out so that was nice.   Our evening was full of laundry, dishes, bathing the dog and other weekly chores.  We were also babysitting our niece for the evening.  

After the kids were in bed, I tried to log onto SSIS a system at work that I enter my work time into.  It would not work.  I was not happy.  I set time aside to actually get caught up on work and I can’t.  ARGH!!!  


Tommy and I had to be at Church early as it is the Sunday that the children from the parochial school assist with the service.  Tommy sang with his fellow students at every service.   I went to the 8:15 service for  bit so I could watch Tommy sing.  The kids did great.  I wish I would have bought my video camera.  I didn’t think of it though.  

I worked at the pancake breakfast put on by the school from 9:00 until 12:00.  I bused tables the entire time and was on my feet the whole time.   My knee didn’t like that much.   I was covered in syrup and sticky by the end of the pancake feed!

I came home, had lunch and took a little nap.  The boys were playing Wii and hubby was with them.   When I got up I got the boys started on something new as hubby wanted to watch a TV show of his.  

Everytime things start going better with Erik, something happens to put me back to the reality of our life.   My hubby was upset with Erik as Erik had done some vandalism in our yard.   He took a shovel to one of the tree and put huge gashes in it.   I am not sure when he did this.  But obviously it was when either my hubby or I were in charge of supervising him.   He also was throwing sidewalks salt all over the yard.  I can understand him doing that once, as he didn’t understand that it would hurt the lawn.  But hubby had caught him doing it a third time already after being explained the harm it would cause.   These are not huge things, but frustrating as these are things he did while we were home.  I was doing laundry and in the basement when he went outside.  Everytime I think we can let up on the supervision on Erik he gets into things.   I so want to be able to leave him home alone, but with an extended amount of time at home unsupervised, I am concerned about what would happen.  So I am glad we did indeed hire a staff person.   I am sad that we need a staff person, but relieved that we have found someone.   Her name is Ashleigh and should start working on Thursday, hopefully. 

My hubby was pretty frustrated with Erik so I asked Erik to stay in his room until supper.   He is grounded for this evening and tomorrow.   On top of the things he did, he also lied numerous times.   I wish he would realize it is not worth it.  I guess we need to realize we live a one step forward, two steps back sort of life and keep carrying on.   When speaking to Erik he said he did these things as he was bored.  He does do these type of things when he gets bored.  Now it is getting warmer so having him out in the yard, you have to keep a good eye on him.   I had Erik make a list of things he could do if he was bored and had him hang it on the wall in his room.   I really need to think of ways to keep him from being bored when he is home this summer.  Hmmm……  We are looking into a volunteer job and getting a membership to the YMCA for him.  Hopefully the staff person we hired will have great ideas and be good at keeping him busy. 

I was going to go into my office for a little bit this afternoon, but I guess it is best if I stay around home.   I am babysitting my niece gain today and Tommy has his friend over to play as well. 

I am off to start making supper and make some mushroom swiss burgers and nachos and dip!

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