I worked for 8 hours yesterday and I completed 5 home visits.  It was a good day!   I really needed to work during the holiday.   I will take the 8 hours of holiday off another time when I need to.  I was really tired when I got home and cold.  So I curled up in bed and watched TV with Tommy most of the evening.   I had put supper in the crockpot before going to work in the morning so hubby had supper ready when I got home.   After my little evening nap, I got up and worked on figuring out the Zune that Josh had picked up for me.  I loaded one book on tape on it so far.  


I had to be at work very early this morning to present at the housing committee.   I came home after my last homevisit.  I am so tried.  I took a little nap and now Erik is home so I have a number of things to get done.   I also need to pick up Tommy from school.  


  • Wash clothes (uniforms/work clothes)
  • Clean out Freezer – upstairs
  • Clean Kitchen/Dishes/Floor, Etc
  • Package Lettuce
  • Print Menus
  • Update Checkbook
  • Clear Dining Table
  • Complete Busy Bee Paperwork
  • Bathe Teddy
  • Pick up My Bedroom/Sweep
  • Clean Upstairs bathroom

Tomorrow – 

I work in the morning and need to be home to meet Erik’s bus again.   We also have three final interviews scheduled for tomorrow.  My friend, Faith has already interviewed these people and we are doing the final selection for staff to work in our home with Erik tomorrow hopefully.   I will then submit our request for a criminal background check and hopefully they can start next week once that clears.  I really look forward to being able to work 5 days a week and not come home early each day.  It is a busy time at work and I am struggling to get everything done that I need. 

I am going to a conference the end of March here in the cities, plus the kids have Spring Break in March so I have to take a week off or at least I have to be home during the day and will probably work in the evening at my office each day once my hubby gets home.  

I am really looking forward to the end of April.   I have the Children’s Mental Health Conference for three days at the end of April.   The conference is on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.    I am going up on Friday afternoon and staying alone in the hotel over the weekend!  YEAH!!!   I do this each year and it is such a treat!   I take my computer with and many books and relax for a few days.  I usually go shopping for one afternoon and buy work clothes for the upcoming season.   I feel like I really really need it this year!   I was evening thinking of adding another day, but couldn’t be that selfish.   Hubby will have the kids alone during that time, but thankfully it will be over a weekend that Erik is at his mothers.   Last year I had a whole day where I never left the room.  I ordered food and drink from room service and read and napped all day.   I read 4 books last year while in Duluth.   The conference is very good and informational as well.   About 6 of my co-workers will be coming up there and joining on Sunday for the conference.   The conference is in Duluth and I even lucked out this year and have a room with a lake view.   AAAAHH…… I can’t wait…I so need a break!!!

Well time to conquer my to do list for today.  Have a great afternoon!


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  1. My friend, Immax3, had a comment on her blog from you about having a child with PDD-NOS on the autistic spectrum. I have an almost 8yo daughter with that diagnosis who is performing around 3-4yo. Anytime you want to visit or need someone who understands, please feel free to contact me.

  2. Cherylyn is a lovely person, I think she could give you some really good information.

    As far as myself, I’ve been thinking a lot about that issue, as I said. I don’t blame you at all for being frustrated with some of what Erik is doing. Or all of what he is doing. It’s not uncommon and I can certainly commiserate. I guess I have to hold myself back a considerable amount and think about what is truly important about what I’m doing. Is it truly important that she doesn’t look at people when she talks? Yes, so I correct that. Is it important that she gets into my personal space when talking? Not yet, but it will be so put that on the list of things to talk about.

    We’ve done a fair amount of skill building with her to help her in the “real world”. She balks sometimes and I have had to say, “Ok, you can make the choice. I think you’re wonderful either way but if you act this way, other people will avoid you or label you. Your choice.” Sometimes she chooses to deal with it, sometimes she chooses to not deal with it at the time. Either way, it’s her choice.

    Here are a couple of books that I found relieving for dealing with our children and their strange situations: Finding Ben and Raising Blaze. Ben has Asperger’s and Blaze is PDD-NOS. You might find some commiseration and/or answers there. There was another book written by a man with Asperger’s that was good…Look Me In The Eye. He’s the brother of Augusten Burroughs who wrote that horrendous Running With Scissors. His last name is not Burroughs, though, but I think a search of that name will yield the book.

    Be strong Jen. Remember that you don’t have to do it all today and you’re a person who’s entitled to have some space/quiet when you need it too.

  3. That time away sounds wonderful…just being able to read uninterrupted would be a treat.  Good luck with the help with Erik.  I haven’t been reading my subs and I know I’m missing something, so I need to go back and check out your earlier entries.

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