Taming the Paper Jungle…

My goal for this weekend is to make it through all my filing and paper in the dining room.   It is insane the amount of paperwork we have regarding Erik.   I am getting his into new larger 3-ring binders.  One binder for County Services/CDCS, one for Medical, one for Educational Services and one for our in home staff.   I also have to get together all my MIL stuff in a binder for Medical Assistance.   I am representative for both my MIL and Erik in regards to the MA stuff, etc. 

I went through the entire file cabinet last night while we watched movies.   I have a entire garbage bag of paper to be burned already.  It is so crazy how much stiff comes into our house each day.   I need to get this project done today and then I will make my shopping/grocery list tonight.   I plan on getting groceries on Sunday since I don’t have to go into the office on Sunday.  

I feel spring cleaning coming on.  It is time to give each room a good going over and lighten our load of clutter in our home.   This weekend….the dining room.  I have some of it done, but will take some pictures later! 

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