Last Night…..

I didn’t do much last night.  I really just laid on the couch most of the night.  I watched TV and drifted in and out of sleep.  If you know me that is rare.  I hardly watch TV unless I am sick.  Though I will admit I tape the early episodes of American Idol.   I think the auditions are funny.    I started taking some antibiotics so hopefully I will be better soon. 

I didn’t have church so I stayed home to rest.  Erik went to Ash Wednesday service though.  Tommy has chapel as part of his school day so he attended his Ash Wednesday service at school.  


As much as I hated to do it, I had to reschedule my morning meeting for this morning.  I am just not feeling very well, but I will go in a bit later and make it to my 2:00 and 6:00 meeting tonight.  .

Tomorrow …….

 I have another early meeting tomorrow with the assistance of an interpreter to complete some forms with a family.  I am also volunteering at the school so I will be home early to do that.  Tommy’s school requires you do at least 20 hours of volunteer work a year.  So I am helping with the scrips program a couple of times a month and I help with any events that requires cooking, etc.   I am working at the pancake breakfast later this month.   I think I will make my 20 hours easily enough.

Friday, a collegue of mine is coming over as we hired her to recruit, hire and monitor staff for us to assist in supervising Erik while we are at work and during the summer.  I was hoping that wouldn’t be necessary, but it is becoming clear that he is doing the same behaviors as before.   It is pretty disappointing, but you just do what you have to take care of everything.     I wish I could get my hubby to look at it one day at a time and not be so overwhelmd of the long term reality of taking care of Erik.  I have to be in today and make it through this week! 


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