I was home by supper time from work.  I took a client to a psychiatrist appointment.  I really really like this Dr.  He spent time with the client directly and his interactions were great!   I will take the client again in a few months and we will see how it goes.  I would like a psychiatrist like this for my stepson, Erik.  Our Dr we have now hardly spends anytime with Erik and considering the recommendations she makes that is concerning.  It is something that my hubby has mentioned repeatedly, but I have never found a psychiatrist that spend more time with his patients directly until now. 

Once I got home I took a little nap as this cold is still really giving me a run for my money.   I had put together supper in the fridge and hubby had it in the oven when I got home already.  YUMMY!!  We had Scalloped Potatoes and Ham for supper.  

After supper we took both Erik and Tommy with us to vote at the Caucus.  I could not believe the turn out at the Caucus!   We could not find a place to park and could barely fit into the room for our ward. 


I have an early morning meeting and hopefully I have an interpreter that meets me there.  Otherwise it will be very short meeting.  After that I will head to the office for a bit.  I need to be home today to get Erik off the bus so it is a short day for me.

I have alot of crockpot meal on the menu this week and it is working well.  If I can have food done when I get home it really make the evening easier so I can get the other things done I need to do. 

Well I am off to shower and get to work!  

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  1. RYC:  Yes, you should read Earlene Fowler but I think you might enjoy them more reading from the beginning.  The whole thing with how she meets the man who becomes her second husband gets better and better with each book.  I just re-read Steps to the Altar and read her newest, Tumbling Blocks.  Loved ’em!

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