Can you believe this??  Yep, I am awake.  This is going to  be very difficult with I return to work tomorrow (Thursday).   I took melatonin early in the evening (8:30) and was asleep by 11:00.  A good start to the night.   At around 1:30 little man, Tom crawled in bed with me and woke me up.   He is a very very restless sleeper so I couldn’t stay alseep.  I finally got up and got him to go back to his bed, but couldn’t sleep.  I had list and lists running through my head.  So usually when that happens, I simply write down my thoughts on the handy notebook next to bed and I can sleep.  Not tonight…………… here I am visiting all of you at 3:30 am!

Today (Yesterday)…..Tuesday!

We all had a very lazy morning.   I putz around until about 1:00 then I showered and got busy.  We took the tree down and our living room is back in order.   I was so ready to return to order!!    I love the feeling of putting up the tree as much as I love the feeling of taking it down.   In between taking down the tree, I ventured to the laundry room for the first time in 2 weeks.  I have had alot of trouble walking steps since the surgery.  I sorted laundry and got started on Mt. Washmore!   I hope by tomorrow to have finally conquered the Mt!   I also worked on filling my MP3 player as I need to get back to listening to books on there.  I added Tess of Uduberville by Thomas Hardy and Ursula Hegi’s The Worse Things I’ve Done.  

Hubby, Tommy and I headed out to Target for a few items we needed.  I was hoping to buy New Years Card to mail out since I had not written or sent Christmas Card this year.  I guess I will just write and send out a New Years letter.   I hope to work on that tomorrow while doing laundry.  I watched Jon and Kate Make 8 before going to bed. 

Since I downloaded Tess of U’duberville from Net Library, I started a new book to read before bed.  I started Lottery by Patricia Wood.  This is her first novel.  I love reading first time authors.  The book is about Perry a young man with a lower IQ who was raised by his Grandma and he wins $12 million in the Washington State Lottery. 

MONDAY – Yesterday

Tommy and I were home alone all day.  We had a leisurely morning, but both cleaned and dusted our bedrooms in the afternoon.   I really needed to dust our room.  I am hoping if I get back to dusting in there once a week, my hubby will not wake up sneezing each night.  So far we have not had an sneezing nights.  EDIT:  It is 4:10 am on Wednesday morning and hubby is up and sneezing.  Argh…..I guess it isn’t due to dust. 

We spent New Years Eve at home.  Just how I like it!  Tommy, hubby, Josh, Amy and I enjoyed a buffet of appetizers and watched a number of episodes of Scrubs.  My hubby loves this show and had gotten Season 5 at the library.  Once tired of Scrubs, we played a round of golf on the Wii.   Then as it was nearing midnight we filled our glasses with sparkling cider and watched the ball drop in Times Square.  Did anyone see Dick Clark – I was so surprised by him, I don’t recall seeing him last year.  

At midnight we toasted and then went outside and lighted our sparklers to welcome in the new year.  Tommy was sooooo excited about staying up until midnight.  I was surprised me made it.  I had  a hard time making it!


The weekend was quiet.  I was hoping to go grocery shopping but I just can’t walk that much yet.  I had made a detailed shopping list for Aldi and Cub so my hubby did the shopping for me.  He actually did very well.  I had budgeted $140 for the two weeks for groceries and household items.  He came home with everything from the list and extra money.  Since he had done so well, we decided to treat ourselves to Buffalo Wild Wings and rented movie from the library.  We watched the new Pirate of the Caribbean movie.  WAY too scary for Tommy!  

The boys spent plenty of time all weekend playing the Wii.  Josh actually bought a new game already.  There are many games I would like to try, but don’t want to buy them unless we really like them.  So we signed up for  It is like Netflix, but for video games.  They first month was discounted so we decided to give it a try.   I figure we will have it for three months or so, then cancel as that should allow the boys to try all the games they want. 

With the new year upon us I realized I hadn’t ordered my yearly calendar for the side of the fridge.  The only calendar I have found that has big enough squares for me is the Flylady calendar.  I love it!!!!   i have bought one ever year for the last 5 years. 


Looks like it is time to call it a night.  I hope to be able to fall asleep shortly.  Tommy heads back to school tomorrow.  Hubby needs to take me to my appointment with my surgeon tomorrow morning.  I am hoping he will release me to drive so I can return to work.  I have been home for 2 weeks and ready to get back to regular life/work.  I just don’t feel like I am ready for the new year – I have so many things to complete from 2007 yet!!  

Have a great day!!!   Look for my Goals for 2008 post coming up soon!

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