Chocolate/Home Cravings…..

I am sooooo hungry for these sweet cookies!   I do miss my family at Christmas so this is a great taste from home.  My parents spend all the holidays with my brother since he lives closest, but I still miss some things about having holidays with my familiy.  We do spend our holidays with hubby’s family prior to Chrsitmas.  Hubby and I have made alot of traditions with our children that mean alot to us all.  Some are silly…..every year Santa puts a Wonka Bar in their stockings…which are getting harder and harder to find!!  If I were to say I wasn’t going to do one of them for Christmas next year it would be sad for them.   I really hope that these things are importnat to them when they are older.  Since I live in the cities, I imagine that all my children will be near by when they leave home.  If not we will need to alternate our holidays with them and always hold our family Christmas Party for the extended family prior to the holidays.  I count my blessings of all the family I do have close to me.  I am truly a blessed woman with family that has been wonderful in helping me to continue all the same tradidtions with our family and children even though I am not able to do things very easily this year!   This year I said I couldn’t cook so my SIL got my recipe for 7-layer salad as that is what I make EVERY year.  It is not Christmas to them if they don’t eat that!!   I actually want to make something new…but would never mess with tradition!

There are some things that just make me long for home and my mom.  When I am sick….gotta have my hubby make me mushy eggs on toast (my mom made it for me whenever I was sick).  I have had that at least three times since my surgery.   Sunday afternoons are always special for me if I make grilled cheese sandwhiches and chicken noodle soup, just like back home.  Do you have those things that aren’t your favorite food because of the taste, but because of the sentiment or memories????  

I think what makes me sad is my children will not have the memories of Christmas Day, etc with my parents.  My parents do celebrate Christmas with us but not until January.   It jsut isn’t the same.  The kids have funny stories about my hubby’s parents that I am sure will be retold and retold!   We added one this year in fact,  Josh got a card from them and they wrote $10 in it but forgot the money!   LOL!!  It is the thought that counts, right??   Josh got a good chuckle out of it.   I am sure he will remember it for a while, the bittersweetness of Gramma’s forgetfulness/dementia.  I love those type of memories! 

I think I feel like this every year on Christmas Day……Now that I am a bit sad I am off to make a bit of home…….


1 stick butter
1/2 c. milk
1/3 c. cocoa
2 c. sugar
2 1/2 to 3 c. quick oats

Bring first 4 ingredients to a boil on stove for 1-2 minutes. Stir constantly. After mixture thickens, remove from heat and add vanilla. Stir in quick oats and drop by spoonful onto wax paper on a cookie sheet. Refrigerate.

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