Hello Everyone – We had a nice but snowy weekend here in Minnesota.   It started snowing on Saturday morning and snowed all day into the evening.   The first snow of the year is always so beautiful.  

FRIDAY was movie night.  We watched Mr Bean’s Holiday which was not too bad actually.  He made us laugh.   Good clean G Rated Fun.   We munched on Bacon Cheese Burgers and were able to have pop!  A Friday treat in our home!  (MIstake Made – I usually only buy a 2 litter or 12 pack of pop on Friday for Movie Night.  They had a great sale at Target so I bought enough for a few weeks.   Problem……Erik is wanting and asking for  pop every day.  It is here so he wants to drink it!   I don’t think it will last long.   I will need to go back to only buying Pop for movie night!)

SATURDAY – Tommy woke up early so I got up with him.  I dozed on the couch a bit.   It started snowing earlier than I thought it would.  So I ran to pick up Erik’s meds and get some more cough meds for Tommy.  We let the kids have their free time in the afternoon and after supper we put up our Christmas Tree.   I love putting on our ornaments.   I tried to buy each child an ornament this year.   Tommy a soccer one, Josh the cars for Cars the Movie..and I haven’t found the perfect on for Erik yet.   We love looking at all the ornaments and talking about where they came from.  It was hard for Josh.  One of his ornaments from his Grandmas Meister got broke last year.  She has passed away and he was so sad about it.   We talked a bit and eventually he came back to join in the decorating.  He misses her.   Holidays are just hard.  


The Kids putting up the Christmas Tree


Goofy Christmas Boys


Our Christmas Tree

After decorating, we all hung out in Josh’s room and played Guitar Hero.  Yep….hubby and I even played with the boys.   Josh is getting pretty good at it.  It is fun.   He bought this to use with his computer.   Santa is bringing the boys a WII for Christmas and also bought guitar hero.  OH MY!!!

SUNDAY Still a bit snowed in.  Lots of shoveling to do.   My day was spent catching up on things around the house a bit.  I cleaned the oven (got a chemical burn on my arm, Duh!) and the stove.   Did a ton of dishes and cleaned out the fridge.   I did laundry through out the day and evening.   Tommy’s cousin came over to play with him and stayed for supper.  We had chicken, corn on the cob and potatoes.   There was hardly any leftovers!   

Josh wasn’t feeling well and was on the couch resting.   I finished up dishes and get Tommy ready for  bath.   We have wrapped out Christmas books that we read each evening as for countdown to Christmas.  Sort of our Advent Calendar.   Each night we unwrap and read a Christmas book and when the books are gone, the next day is Christmas!!  




Tommy at his Thanksgiving Program -Kindergarten


Tommy and my Great-Nephew, Samuel eating apple chips at Grandmas!

(nice smile Tommy!)


My Great-Nephew, Greyson. 


We have a busy week ahead of us.   I am working late on Monday and Tuesday!   I need to be home early on Thursday and Friday as we have no staff for Erik.   Tommy has a Christmas Concert/Program on Thursday and Sunday.   I will need to look for an outfit for him to wear.  They don’t have to where their uniforms.

I need to pick up the house a bit and head to work and put supper in the crockpot for the family.   They will have nice warm Versatile Slow-Cooker Chili since I will not be home to cook this evening. 

  I hope you all have a wonderful week and are able to slow down a bit and enjoy the wonderful holiday season with your family!!!  Turn on the Christmas music, warm up some cocoa and smile……….


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