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Yesterday I was home from work to take Erik to the Psychiatrist and then we didn’t have a PCA for the afternoon so I stayed home.  Today, I planned on going to work, but our furnance decided to stop working last night.  It was a bit chilly in the house by morning.   Before the weather gets too cold here in Minnesota and the heating companies are very busy…..I figured I better get it fixed.   I am hoping it isn’t anything too much.  The blower motor is working as that is running, it just isn’t blowing hot air.   So of course the furnance is in the laundry room right next to Mt. Washmore (my laundry pile).  ARGH!!  So I sorted everything nicely into baskets and ditched the comforters and sheets in the playroom until later.   I wish I could just keep caught up with laundry!!!   Maybe if I end up being home this afternoon I could do a few loads of laundry. 

I have the play area all cleaned up down stairs.   I am moving most of the toys out of Tommy’s room and down there.  He has a very small room and really enough room for a bed and dresser.  I convinced Tommy to get rid of alot of toys.  I will be taking them to Good Will today.  I told him we needed to make room for his new toys he will get for his birthday and Christmas.   We cleaned out 3 large bins of toys and I am not done.   It really was time to part with our baby toys. 

  Tomorrow is my baby’s Birthday!   Tommy will be 6 years old tomorrow!

September 2007 009

1st Day of Kindergarten

   DEck Building 019

Tommy Age 5

Mom's 001

Age 5


Graduation from Preschool


4th Birthday – Pirate Party!

hb tommy

The morning of his 3rd Birthday!


Tommy’s 2nd Birthday


Tommy’s 2nd Halloween


Tommy’s First Birthday!


1st Halloween – 5 days old


Tommy Hospital Picture – 1 day old


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