Our Weekend….

Saturday was a beautiful day here in Minnesota.  The men folk were busy all day getting things done in the yard.  The lawn was mowed, the gazebo and patio furniture put away for the winter.  Tommy and the neighbor boy drove Tommy’s motorized truck and hauled all the grass clipping to the compost site.   Hubby started a very nice compost pile in the garden.  A very good way for us to fertilize the garden.   I have to remember to take my peelings out when I cook up veggies, etc. 

The boys since they worked so hard started getting the stuff out to make the haunted house in the garage.   They have a new layout this year so we had to go to savers to buy some more sheets.   We also bought some vases that we are thinking about burying in the side garden and putting candles in them.   Hoping it will light the pathway to the haunted house and be creepy.  

I spent my day running errands and getting groceries.   Before leaving I had to finish up my menu and shopping list for the next two weeks.  My menu is in the post below.   First I was going to do the errands…..first Stop was Once Upon A Child to sell some of Tommy’s clothes.  Then I headed off to buy Tommy’s birthday party.  We decided to get him the TMNT van and some guys.   So I bought in the van and 4 guys.   The boy still loves his guys. 

Next stop was Factory Card Outlet for a pinata for the party.  We are having a halloween theme birthday party this year.   I  bought some poster board at Office Max to make a game, “Pin The Nose On The Pumpkin”.  Each year I draw some sort of pin the (insert theme of party).  Last stop was Sam’s Club for Halloween Candy and two chickens.  

I stopped at home and put supper into the crockpot before heading to get groceries.  Before groceries I stopped to mail bills and buy syringes for my cat.  Did I mention our oldest cat is diabetic???   He has to have two shots of insulin each day.  I think he is nearing the end for his life….he is urinating outside the litterbox throughout the house.  You have to make sure you have nothing on the floor in your room or he will pee on it.   Not fun!    But he doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything, a bit senile though.  

Groceries I did great on!!  I spent a total of $97.91 for the next two weeks of our menu.   I spent 82.04 at Aldi and another $15.87 at Festival.  I really had another week where I planned my meals around what is in the freezer.  I buy meat when it is one sale and stock up.   I am pretty stocked on Chicken and Hamburger.  I have cooked and uncooked chicken and hamburger ready to go.   I was happy with staying with in my budget.  It has gotten to be a bit of a game for me.  If you would have said that a year ago I would be feeding my family of 5 or 6 people for less than $50.00 a week, I would laugh!!   But all the things I have learned from various blogs and internet sites has really helped me stream line this area of our budget.   I buy very little processed food and cook from scratch most of the time. 

Since I had leftover grocery money I was able to let the boys get things for their haunted house.  I was tired, but stayed up late and made Tommy’s Pin The Nose On The Pumpkin Game.  It turned out very well.  I am also going to bob for apples and make a treasure hunt.   I fell into bed and was out before I knew it!


We were up and attended church.  I forgot there was no Sunday School due to MEA, so Tommy came to service with us.  He did very well and was very patient.   The rest of my day was spent between working on getting out harvest all put away/frozen . I baked 4 more squash and make apple crisp and apple/Squash casserole.   Hubby washed, peeled and cut up all our carrots from the garden.  I was sure tired after all that.  I made some supper and sat to blog a bit before cleaning up the kitchen.  The kitchen is a mess.  I have been doing laundry all day.  I have done about 5 loads, but have more in the laundry room waiting.  ARGH!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend with their families.  I think it is early bedtimes around here tonight!!!


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