Money Found…..

I am so happy to have found some extra money….well sort of.    My hubby emailed me his open enrollment info from his employer.   My employer is in the middle of union contract negotiations and my insurance carrier and the cost will change.   So it looks like my hubby’s health and dental will save us money and we will not have to change any of our medical doctors.   Josh, Tommy and I will need to change dentists, but that is ok.   It was a significant savings for us!!    So when I get my raise in January, I will actually get a raise.  It was only going to be enough to cover a portion of the increase of the health insurance premium.    As always it is good to sit down and go over the details.  It is time consuming, but things change and you always want what is best for you and your family!    

Any extra money we have has been going to paying down our bills, ie, credit cars, house loan and car loans.  It is still our hope to be debt free within a few years.  Once our house is paid off we want to do some major remodel, but that is a number of years away, but we keep plugging away.  

Today I am going to mail off money and a signed contract to have our attic insulated.  We are really hoping this will decrease our heating bills this winter.   Eventually we need to get new windows put into the house as well.  Everythin in our home is still original and in need of repair.  

I suppose I should shower and get ready for work………


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2 thoughts on “Money Found…..

  1. Good for you!  We’re in the midst of changing insurance as well and it just aggravates me.  But I guess it’s stupid to get irritated about something that’s inevitable.

    Have a great day!

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