Back from The Dr…..

I have arthritis in both of my knees and some problem with the kneecaps.   The left knee has fluid on it and does not have full Range of Motion.  The Dr is sending me for a MRI on the left knee.  He believes something is torn inside the left knee.   So that is the next step….oh Joy…..I have a MRI on Monday. 

I soooo don’t have time for this. 

7 thoughts on “Back from The Dr…..

  1. That’s not good news, sure hope you don’t have to have surgery.  Praying for ya.

    Glad the boys had a good first day of school yesterday, you are so organized to keep everyone together! 😉


  2. Oh friend, I am so sorry. I can sympathize. They thought I had RA. But , I  tested negative. This was for my swollen hands and joint pain. They concluded it was carpel tunnel. oh joy. both hands. Hard to do anything. I am typing with my ring fingers. I wear braces on my hands most of the day. they say, it was brought on by pregnancy and will go away. I am praying this is true. As soon as my divorce is final i have no health insurance. so i pray i will not need surgery as i wont have insurance then. I can’t do anything-open h2o bottles or cans, can barely dry my hair-no buttons or snaps. hurts to hold a steering wheel. so……………….I can only imagine what you my friend are going thru……..ouch and ouch again…I will keep you in prayer. I am thinking of going back and getting the injections in my wrists, Physical therapy didn’t help. Please pray for me too. to not know how I am going to b able to care for my newborn. 🙁

  3. Sorry to hear that! I can sympathize in my own way. I’m sure its not nearly what you’re going through but I have struggled with knee problems for years. I’m doing physical therapy right now and I’m in that worse b4 it gets better phase! I have trouble standing for any period of time and I’m in pretty much constant pain, can’t sleep all that fun stuff! I feel the same way you do! I don’t have time not to be 100%! I don’t have time for the appts and I don’t have time to be slowed down!

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