Busy, Busy, Busy……

  We had a very productive weekend at our house!!   But what a mess the house is still!!!   We had a roll away dumpster delivered on Thursday to clean up the yard, garage and our house.  We have been busy filling it.  

September 2007 013

FRIDAY – I had to go into work in the morning so hubby stayed home with Erik until I could get back.   in the afternoon I worked on our budget and paying bills.  I made out the menu for the next two weeks and made our shopping list.  Erik and I went and got the groceries for the next two weeks. 

SATURDAY – we ran errands in the morning.  The boys got haircuts for school and Tommy got new shoes.  Once we got home we started on cleaning out the garage.   We needed a new bed for Erik as we were giving away the loft bed set to the neighbors.  I went looking on craigslist.com and found a bed for Erik in Eagan for $70.00.  So Saturday evening we went to look at this bed and ended up buying it.

September 2007 004

Erik’s New Bed

After picking up the bed we ate at the new restaurant in Apple Valley called Raising Caine.  Once home we got Erik’s bed put together and headed to bed!!!

SUNDAY – Daddy was up and since everything was out of the garage and cleaned up, he used the leaf blower to clean out the garage.   While he was doing that, Erik mowed the lawn.  Tommy finally agreed to work on learning to ride his bike without the training wheels.  Josh and I helped him with that.  Boy, can that boy get made when things don’t happen perfectly the first time. 

On Sunday since the boys had done so well in cleaning out the garage all day, we decided that after 20 years of being in storage the fish aquarium could be set up.  My hubby has a 55 gallon aquarium from when he was a teen.  The boys have really been wanting to set it up.  I told them if they found a place for it we would…..so of course this involved rearranging the living room.   Josh is great at helping to do that.  He puts the dimensions of the room and furniture on the computer and you rearrange it virtually first.   So the rest of the day was spent rearranging the living room.  YIKES!!!

We decided that we needed a different bed for Tommy too!   I was looking on craigslist.com again and found a nice Captain’s bed for him.   We made arrangements to look at that one on Monday.   After the living room furniture was back in the room, we made pizza and watched a movie to relax.    Josh left around 5:00 or so to be camping for the evening. 

MONDAY – I was up early and I finished putting the living room back together.  At about 1:00 we left to go and look at the bed for Tommy.   We left Josh and Erik at home and they were working on finding the parts for and cleaning the aquarium and getting the entertainment center set up.

   September 2007 003

We drove to Andover to look at the bed and decided to get it.  The seller delivered it to our house and set it up!  What a great person to buy from!!!  Now Josh is sleeping on the floor on a mattress so we will continue to look for a bed for him.  Our neighbors are taking both of our loft beds for their children.   We called Josh and Erik from Andover and told them to take Tommy’s bed apart and get it out of his room.  What a mess we came home to!  So hubby and I quickly boxed up the toys and stuff in Tommy’s room.  The bed was delivered and set up!  Tommy loves it!!!

September 2007 005

September 2007 015

Tommy’s new bed has 8 drawers under it!  he has the smallest room
so we really needed some additional storage.

We took the boys out to eat at Old Country Buffet and then we stopped at Petco to buy the things to set up the aquarium.   YIKES!!!    Once home hubby and the boys get the aquarium set up while I got everything ready for the first day of school.  

September 2007 008 September 2007 007 September 2007 006

September 2007 012

Our living room rearranged!  I still have alot of straightening to do!!

TUESDAY – First Day of School –

Erik has to be on the school bus very early.  He needs to be at the bus stop at 6:40am.  ARGH!!   I didn’t get everything done in time to get his first day of school picture taken.  I will have to do that on day two!   He is going to North Campus High School for this week and will start at the new school he will be attending on Monday.   We have meeting today to do the intake for that school.  It will be a year round school so that will be really good for Erik.  

Tommy was so excited this morning.  He got up, made his bed and dressed himself.  He and I took the puppy for a walk and came home for breakfast.  I took him to school and he had no problems at all with separation.  I can’t believe my baby is starting Kindergarten.  He is in school until 3:05 and then he will go to extended day until Daddy picks him up.  

September 2007 009
Tommy’s First Day of Kindergarten

I am working on deep cleaning Tommy’s room today.  I will also make chocolate chip cookies before going to Erik’s school meeting.   I always have a plate of cookies waiting for the kids after the first day of school.  

Hope everyone is having a great day!!  I should be posting more this week since I will be home some of this week to get things done around the house and finish filling the dumpster.  Tomorrow I have the orthopedic surgeon look at my knee…Oh Joy!

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  1. Wow girlfriend! i am so proud. Your family worked together and it looks great! What great deals on beds! We love craigslist!!!!!!!! The boys look really excited about the fish! We have a hamster, cat and a beta fish. 🙂 WTG!!!!!!!!

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