Hello Everyone!!  Hope everyone is enjoying the final days of summer.  I can’t believe how quickly the days are going by.    Last week I worked each day as Erik was at his Mom’s for the week.  I was home on Monday for a bit as I took Tommy for his physical in the morning.  He had to get a couple of immunizations for Kindergarten.

In the afternoon, we went to get our teeth cleaned.  I have one little cavity that I didn’t get taken care of last year that needs to be filled.  Poor Tommy has two cavitites.  I could not believe that!!   Josh never had a single cavitiy until he was in his teens and then he only has had one!   I guess Josh just got better teeth genetically.   Tommy just like Erik does not have very good teeth.   ARGH!!  

On Wednesday night Tommy, Josh, Amy and I went to the community picnic at church.   We really had to wait in line a long long time for our food.  Hubby wasn’t feeling very well so he stayed home.   Tommy enjoyed the different games they played.  We did the candy toss, water balloon toss and gunny sack race.   He was having fun! 

Thursday night was my book group!   Most of the members were out of town and couldn’t make it.  But two of my friends came and we had a great night!!!  We sat out side in our new outdoor living room and chatted about books and our children.   Hubby came home and started a bonfire for us.  We sat outside until about 10:00 or 10:30 and really enjoyed the evening.  And the food I made was really good!!!  Yummmy!  Both recipes are keepers and I will need to add them to my cookbook site!   I made a Strawberries N Cream Trifle and Mu Shu Chicken Wraps.  I also had a veggie and fruit tray to snack on. 

Friday I worked all day and then when we got home we quickly went to Target to buy a birthday present for a friend of Tommy’s.   We also bought Tommy’s school supplies. 

Saturday – Tommy and Hubby slept in a bit.  I got up earlier and took my laptop, bills and budget out side to sit on the porch to pay bills and update our budget.  Then it was time for Tommy to go to the birthday party.  He was very excited to see his friends from preschool at the party.  While Tommy was at the party I went to rertun some shoes to marshalls.  When I was done I went to pick up Josh and hubby to take Josh to get a haircut.  We had to run a few errands before we picked up Tommy.  We went to CVS, Post Office and the Library.  We had to run to Target again since I forgot to buy Tommy a new toothbrush and Josh needed a few things as well. 

When we got home Tommy went over to this cousins house to go swimming.   Josh and I watched some TV and a movie we rented from the library.  We stayed up too late to finish our movies!

Sunday – Tommy had the mystery box for church for the children’s sermon.   He was very excited!!   After church hubby wanted to go to eat out at Old Country Buffet for brunch.  We decided after filling out tummies we had to go for a long walk.  We went to a local wildlife refuge to hike a bit.  We went on a shorter trail and went to the lake to watch a bunch of turtles.  It was hot, but we had a great time.   Tommy fell in love with a wood turtle that is at the main shelter.  We had to stay and watch the turtle for a while.  The staff was taking the turtle outside to exericse so Tommy got to help with that as well.   We hope to go back on a cool day and go on a longer trail.  The rest of the evening was filled with laundry and dishes, etc. 

Finished Reading – I feel Bad About my Neck – Nora Ephron – 3/5

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