Do Kitchen Drawers ever stay neat???   I am always needing to get mine in order.  With summer coming to an end, I am getting the desire to put the house in order again before school starts. 

JULY 07 002

Before…Big pile on counter.  I didn’t think to take pictures of the drawers before I unloaded them!

JULY 07 003

Gadget Drawer

JULY 07 001


JULY 07 004

Potholders and things…

I have been working on getting a new morning and evening routine in place.  It is hepful, but I haven’t been following much of one all summer.  This was my first week of trying to get back on schedule.  

This week I am getting up and in the shower by 7:00, next week I plan on being up and in the shower by 6:30.  It is taking me a bit to get back into our regular schedule since during the summer I bring Tommy to daycare later!

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  1. I’m doing my kitchen too. I was thinking as I was reading your post that I’ve been feeling a bit blah, maybe I need to get back on a schedule. That is one of the things I like about fall is I usually get some structure back in my life. It’s almost Aug. so falls not that far off. Thanks for the inspiration.

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