Vacation Day #3

So we all tried to go back to sleep, but it really didn’t work.  So we got up and dressed and went to have breakfast.  We didn’t miss the free  breakfast this morning!!!  We decided today would be our hiking day!   First we had to Exchange Josh’s hiking boots and he wanted a smaller size.  We headed to the mall and exchanged the shoes and also went to Barnes and Noble.  We bought the book about the Secrets of the Glensheen Mansion since we were going to go there tomorrow.  I had read the book years ago, but Josh and Amy wanted to read the book before the tour tomorrow! 

Then we were off on our adventures for the day…..

Duluth 031First Stop…..A historical marker along Lake Superior so the kids could climb and throw rocks in to the lake.    I just love the shore, though I am always so nervous that one of the children, mainly Tommy will fall in!  No one fell in. 






 Duluth 027 Duluth 026

Duluth 022

Duluth 020

The water, the sky….so beautiful!!

Two Harbors, MN…..saw Edna at tugboat, visited the train museum gift sop and walked around a bit.   We also stopped at the World Famous, Betty’s Pies, but the line was too long!

 Duluth 033


Duluth 034 Duluth 032

Tommy found a friend……outside the Train Museum Gift Shop.

Next Stop for Adventure……Split Rock Lighthouse……..

Duluth 038

Duluth 018

Now I did not walk down to the shore to look up at the Light house.  It is 171 steps down  there and this asthmatic momma decided it wasn’t worth it.   Good think I wasn’t down there since the photo above required alot of climbing on some rock by the water that would of made me a little wreck!!!   But it is a great photo of Tommy and Josh, just glad I wasn’t there for it’s taking.   I rested on a bench and read my book.  Most people thought I was a tour guide and would ask me all these questions….sorry folks…I just don’t want to climb these stairs!!  It is not like I haven’t done it before a number of times!




Last Adventure of the Day……Gooseberry Falls State Park

I love this park and the falls, but I am always a nervous wreck by the time we are leaving the park.  All my boys are daring and climb in places I think are very dangerous.  I worry…worry…worry…..

Duluth 020

Tommy was our official tour guide of the day!!!  He is reading the map to figure out which way we should go.  The little guy is sure good at tell people what to do…..

Duluth 043

Tommy and Mommy Adventure…and yes, Tommy fell in!!  I ended up stepping right in the water…but I never fell!

 Duluth 048

Josh and Amy were great at climbing places that I so did not think were safe!!!  ARGH!!  This is the first of many heart flutters for me!!

Duluth 065

Don’t even get me started on where Josh climbed to get this photo!!  

Duluth 028

OH MY!!  But what amazing photos Josh took due to his climbing where it makes his momma go crazy!!

Duluth 087 Duluth 090 Duluth 047

We discovered a cave……we had to check that out!!  We left the park, tired, wet and HUNGRY!!!  We loaded up and headed back to Duluth.  We did stop in Two Harbors to get pie at Betty’s Pie!   I was nearly ready to chew my arm off I was so hungry, but hubby said no pie until we have supper.  Want to know a secret, Amy was sneaking bites of pie in the backseat…not like I have hard feelings about that or anything!!  Did I mention I was ready to chew my own arm off???   Hubby had the great idea to call ahead to Famous Dave’s BBQ and order our supper to pick up when we get to town.  So we grab our food once we got to Duluth and took it to our hotel room to eat!  It was fabulous….we might have only ate out once a day, but when we ate out….WOW, we ate out!!!  We certainly splurged!  And the pie was worth the wait…OH MY…..

After eating of course we went swimming….and then we all headed to bed exhausted after our day of adventure!  We vowed going to bed that we would sleep in and not set an alarm clock… do you think that went???


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  1. Great shots!!!!

    I’m with ya on the worry – although I was always a climber myself, I think I’d freak out watching my boys try what I used to do!

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