I need to get ready to leave town with the children to meet up with hubby.   His IT conference is done late Thursday afternoon.

I have many things I like to have done before I leave.  I have to have the house clean, bedding washed and changed, etc.   I want to come home to a clean house and less stress.  Change your sheets and make your bed nice before leaving.  Fresh sheets are a wonderful welcome home message!!

If you don’t want to come home to a smelly house, clean out the fridge and empty all trash bins in the house before leaving!! 

Have someone pick up for mail or have it stopped.  If you stop at the post office grab some stamps for those last minute post cards. 

Get travel size of items to save space and less opportunity of spillage. 

Bring Extra Camera for Tommy.

Bring two large plastic bags with, one for dirty clothes and one for wet swimsuits. 

I need to menu plan for the few days that we are out of town as I will be cooking in the room each day to decrease our expenses.  I also will make a list of restaurants and sites I want to see!!

Tommy is begging to use the computer, so I best get going.  More later………


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