The week is flying by again.  It is warm in Minnesota today!   My supper on my menu tonight was suppose to be baked in the oven.  WAY too hot for that today!!   So after reading on Cooperswife’s Blog I took my Roaster Oven outside and baked my casserole outside on the picnic table.  The house stayed wonderfully cool and hubby was happy!    I worked so great!!  Thanks so much for the idea Cooperswife!!  I know I will be doing that many more times this summer. 

June_2007 014

I came home from work and finished my book I was reading while the food cooked outside.  

What is Mine – Anne Holt – (4/5)   I gave this a four as I did like it, but it was a bit slow and long, but worth finishing!

Check out my new widget on my sidebar!!   It lists books on my TBR pile!!  It is offered through   It is a great site that allows you to list the books on your shelf for free, well at least up to 100 books for free.   I am still checking out the site, but I love any site about books!!

I am off to start a new book before getting Tommy ready for bed!!

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  1. I woudln’t have thought to do the roaster outside – great idea!  I use the grill a TON in the summer – cooking casseroles and even desserts on the top rack, or stuff in cast iron pans.  R brought the cast iron griddle out to the grill the other night, and did the quesadillas out there.  It works really well!

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