I am so grateful to live in the city where there is so much to do that is family friendly!   The MN Children’s Museum sponsors a free admission Sunday the third Sunday of each month.  We try to go a couple of those free Sundays!  It really isn’t very busy on those days either. 

easter 001

Tommy watching the balls go around and round.

easter 015

Tommy is in the Dog House Again!

easter 016

Snack Time
I always carry a backpack on all our outinngs and pack snacks
and drinks from home.  It is a huge money saver! 
We even did that in Walt Disney World and saved so much!

easter 018
Tommy played in the Ant Tunnels for a long time!!

easter 022
Tommy Turtle

easter 026
Look how red his face is from running around!!  Resting in the log.

easter 027 easter 028

After leaving the Children’s Museum we always stop at
CandyLand right next door for a little treat.

There are many of these statues through out downtown St Paul. 
Once hubby and I took Erik and Josh to find a bunch of them. 

easter 029

easter 032
Tommy and his favorite friend!!  Especially if a Happy Meal is involved.

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