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I have never seen the show before but a friend sent me a link to “MTV’s TRUE LIFE:  I have Autism” Episode.  You can watch the episode online in case you missed it when it was televised.  It is very interesting.  It shows three young men with different levels of autism.  Check it out, all three young men are remarkable!


2 thoughts on “Autism Documentary…

  1. I will look at that. I  have a friend whose son was dx with autism, but she has handled his diet (he is completely dairy and wheat free, otherwise his behavior turns terrible) so vigilantly that he is about to test again and she thinks he will be taken off the spectrum. I know that isn’t the case for a lot of those dx but it is a wonderful thing to see it happen for this little boy. Also, did you see the show on Oprah the other week. I am not sure how thorough it was but it I’m glad she did it because at least it gets the word out about how prevalent it has become. Anyway, thanks for the link.

  2. i cannot wait to watch that since my middle son has Asperger’s. thanks for posting it. Also RYC: Greyson was a name i picked out with my last pregnancy. i was pregnant with twins and lost one baby. ONly Grace was born. Greyson-if it had been a boy would have been the other babies name. i hold it close to my heart. 🙁

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