Accomplished Today….

I am home today as Erik doesn’t have school.   I am trying to get a few things done around the house.  I have accomplished the following so far:

Tommy to Daycare
Buy Tommy’s Allergy Soap
Buy Cat Litter and Lightbulb at Walmart
Reserve Books Online from Library
Post Menu Online for the next two weeks – (2 weeks of groceries was $120.00 this time)
Pay Bills and Update Budget – PAID OFF ANOTHER CREDIT CARD!
Clean Tommy’s Room – (I garbage bag of junk taken out – I have the desk to clean out yet!)
Clean furnance Filter
Have Erik do his laundry

Clean out Tommy’s Desk
Change Cat Litter
Make Lambs

Make Dental Appointments
Finish My Laundry
Wash Rugs
Rip Books to MP3 Player
Fill Pills Boxes
Put Roaster Away
Clean out Van – Put Library books in Van – Package to PO
Add Recipes to online cookbook

3 thoughts on “Accomplished Today….

  1. I wish I could be an organized and productive as you.  All I did was get my dad home from the hospital and wash my bathroom floor on hands and knees because it really needed it!

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