Today is my first day of vacation!!   YEAH!!  I was up early and have already dropped Tommy off at preschool, paid bills and updated our budget.   I am going to clean up around here until it is time to pick up Tommy.   I will drop off Tommy at daycare and then I need to run to Walmart for a couple of things.  

I then plan on taking a bit of a break and reading my book.  I treated myself to new book for vacation!  Not like I need more books…I have many, many on my shelf to read!!   My mom wanted this one so I bought it and will read it and then mail it to her!  Guess what it is, Mom???   The Thirteen Tale by Diane Setterfield.   As soon as I am done with it I will mail it to you Mom!!  It is good so far.  I read the first 60 pages before bed last night. 

Well time to crank the tunes and get busy!! 


  • Clean light Fixtures – Kitchen
  • Clean toaster -DONE
  • Organize Pantry
  • Clean Microwave-DONE
  • Clean Stove Burns-DONE
  • Mop Kitchen & Bathroom -DONE
  • Clean Glass – Living Room-DONE
  • Change bathroom hand towels -DONE
  • wipe down outside of kitchen cabinets-DONE
  • change sheets – master bedroom
  • Dust Dining Room-DONE
  • Pick on Clutter spot and work 30 minutes (TOMMYS ROOM)
  • Quick tidy each room.Vacuum-DONE

As you can see I am needing to catch up on a few of the chores from my motivated moms list for the last few days.   Tonight is Family Movie Night so I want to have things done so I can enjoy the evening. 

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  1. I have to go to WalMart today myself…I WAS going to go early and then stop by my dads, but here I am still on the computer.  You’ve accomplished so much! All I did was do some dishes and iron a shirt I’m taking to my dads. I envy you so much!

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