1st – Mexican Meatball Soup -**Good Add to Online Cookbook**

2nd –Panko Chicken, Salad, Veggie Fruit

3rd – Hamburgers Bun Cole Slaw and Fries

4th –

5th – Meat and Cheese Tray with Sandwhich Rolls – Chips and Dip  Good Add to Online Cookbook – MOVIE NIGHT

6th –

7th – BRUNCH: Egg and Sausage Bake  **Good Add to Online Cookbook**

8th –

9th- Hash Brown Soup

10th – Mother’s Ham Casserole – TOH #137 (DIDN”T MAKE YET)

11th  – Spaghetti and Meatballs – Texas Cheese Toast

12th – Hamburgers/ Buns – Homemade Fries (kraft foods) **Good Add to Online Cookbook** Chocolate Malt Shake – Movie Nights

13th – Versatile Slow Cooker Chili – Crockpot – 6 hours – Fix and Forget 5 – pg 15   **Good Add to Online Cookbook**       Corn Bread

14th –   BRUNCH:  Simple Sausage Strata **Good Add to Online Cookbook**–  RATING:  4/5
            SUPPER: Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches

15th – Grilled Chicken, Baked Rice and  Italian Grean Beans

16th – Beef Barley Soup and Rolls (Crock Low 8 to 10 Hours)

17th – Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie and Corn

18th – My Birthday

19th – (Movie Night) Turkey Cheese Rolls   **Good Add to Online Cookbook**
          10 min Appetiz Spread  **Good Add to Online Cookbook**
          Salad – Onion Vinaigrette

20th – Versatile Slow Cooker Chili – Crockpot – 6 hours – Corn Bread

21st – BRUNCH: Brunch Bake
          SUPPER:  Favorite MeatLoaf/ Mashed Potatoes and Corn **Good Add to Online Cookbook**


23rd – Thanksgiving in A Pan

24th – Chicken Enchiladas – Spanish Rice

25th – 15 – Bean Soup – Crockpot 8-10 hrs (Rinse Beans Overnight) 

26th (Fam. Movie Night) – Tacos (Hard and Soft)
       Easy Mexican Dip / Corn Chips **Good Add to Online Cookbook**

27th – Cheesy Pots and Ham – Crockpot 7 to 9 Hrs – My New Fix and Foget – pg 146

28th – BRUNCH:  Country Gravy & Biscuits/ Crustless Quiche
          SUPPER:  Cheesy Pots and Ham – My New Fix and Foget – pg 146  **Ok, Not Great**

29th – Swiss Chicken/Rolls/Salad **Good Add to Online Cookbook**


31st – Hamburger Helper/Peas

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  1. Somehow, I’ve just found the “Menu for Moms” site.  I know I have visited your recipes before, but I just didn’t see this site.  I am so excited about this website.  It may save me a lot of trouble!  Thanks a bunch

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