Vacation is Officially Over…..

Not much of a vacation, but I did accomplish a lot around the house as far as repairs and things that had to be done.   It is so nice to have two showers again! 

My parents came to visit over the weekend.   I realize how stressful my job is now.  After they left I was faced with needing to work a few hours.   My stress level sky rocketed with the looming amount of work to get caught up with.  I felt the same as before my vacation.  YIKES!!   Well I started working on time reporting at about 1 or 2:00 pm and worked until about 11:00pm.  So I got  a full days work in and didn’t even get caught up on my time reporting.   I am working on it some more this morning as well before i go into the office.   I feel like I need another vacation already.   I was able to answer my voice mail and emails from home so at least most of that is out of the way and I won’t walk into a number of surprises this morning.   I will have a large pile of mail to sort through I am sure. 

Welcome back to the Rat Race………..

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