Technically my vacation starts today since yesterday was a gov. holiday.   I was up early and out of the house by 8:30.  We were late getting to my Dr appointment.   Josh drove me since one of my appointments was to get my eye dilated and I have a hard time driving after that.    I had my yearly dexa scan today to see if my osteoporosis has gotten better or not.   After that I saw the opthalmologist to have a follow up on the condition of my glaucoma and cataracts.  He said everything is fine and I didn’t have to come back in one year.  He said not to worry.   So things must not be progressing any more.  

Josh drove me home and then we stopped off to grab some sandwiches for lunch from Pot Belly’s.   We got home and then the Sears delivery people came and delivered the new freezer.  At a bit before noon the plumber got here.  He worked on the upstairs bathroom and didn’t get it done.   He has to come back again tomorrow morning.  He has the new faucet installed, but need to put in the new trap and drain and fix a leak in the laundry room tomorrow morning.  This is going to be a larger bill than I anticipated.   He is over $100 an hour and has already been working here for 4 hours.   ARGH!!!    It needed to be done…..we slowly need to get so much fixed around here.   The plumber said that the drain was not up to code so he would have to change a few things to bring it up to code. 

I quickly put supper in the oven and Amy and Josh watched the kids for us as hubby and I had an appointment.   We got home around 8:30 and we watched the end of American Idol.   I hope to watch it again tonight.  I enjoy the first few episodes of the show.   They were in Minneapolis last night so it was pretty funny.  Not much talent was found!   Tonight I think they are in Seattle.  

WEDNESDAY –  Vacation Day #2

I was up early and showered and dressed by 8:15 or so when then plumber got here.  He is just finishing up the last of the repairs and he should be done!   YEAH!!    I hate to see the bill….but I guess I will find that out soon enough.    So far this morning I have taken Tom to preschool, washed dishes and put supper in the crockpot.   I have to leave at 12:15 or so to take my FIL to an appointment.   Then that should be it for the day.  I do have bible study tonight and really am looking forward to going to that.   I haven’t been there in a long time so I really want to get back into my normal routine.  

I do have to get Tommy’s room all cleaned up as tomorrow morning the Duct Cleaners are coming bright and early.   One company is also coming to give us an estimate on re-insulatiing the attic.   I hope to just relax in the afternoon since it is my Birthday tomorrow.   I think I might go spend some time at my favorite book store…we will see.  

Have a great day!

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