How is everyone this morning??  I am up, showered and dressed.  I am hoping to go to get groceries.   I am still working on cleaning out our freezer.   I am going to plan my meals around what is down there.  

Yesterday – I took care of getting everything all set up for my vacation.  You will not believe the excitement we having going on!   HA HA.   The fun starts on Monday.  I am actually needing to work from home on Monday as two companies are coming to the house to give us an estimate on adding insulation to our attic.   It has been a mild winter so far, but this is way over due!   They might have to do a few things to the attic to make it up to code, but hopefully that was all done when we had our roof reshingled. 

Since I am working from home on Monday and I know I won’t get 8 hours in.   I am going to go into work for a few hours on Sunday.   I am getting this cold and it is really making my asthma flair up.  ARGH!!  So I am using the nebulizer and hope to get this under control. 

Then the following week I am on vacation and the fun begins!   On the 15th, I actually have nothing planned.  On Tuesday I have to have a Dexa Scan in the morning and see the opthalmalogist to monitor my eye pressure.  So that will all take place in the morning.   In the afternoon we are having a plumber coming over to put new faucets in the upstairs shower/tub.   We have been down to only one shower since the hot water faucet broke off in there.   We also have a couple of small leaks he will be taking care of.  Our house is old and things are still the original so it is starting to need repairs.   What a fun day!!!!

Wednesday I am taking my FIL to take care of some legal things.  He doesn’t really drive in the city much anymore.   In the evening I am finally back at bible Study!   I really have missed going. 

Thursday –  My Birthday!!   I only have one plan on my birthday, a company will be coming in the early morning to clean the ducts and furnance.  Since both Josh and I have allergies we should have this done every year, but it has been a few years since it was done.  You smell dust when the furnance turns on.  

Friday – is my day.  I will drop Tom off at preschool and do whatever I want all day!  WOO HOO. Unless of course the company we select to do the attic is able to do it this day!!

So this is not really a vacation but it feels great to get these things done!   They have needed to be done for a while, but we get busy and don’t take time off of work to handle these things.  I am taking another week off in February and hopefully I have nothing planned but to relax, etc. 

I am off to finish my menu planning and get groceries…I have no idea what I want to fix….hmmmmm

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  1. It will feel great just to be in the *home area*!  Right?!  I love & miss being at home.  It’s always so good to come home after a long day of working.  : )

    Hope your vacation goes great!  : )

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