December 23rd – Our Family Christmas Celebration

Mom's 016

Family Friend – Justin

Mom's 017

Dan, Joann (BIL’s GF) and Steve (BIL) 

Mom's 018

The cousins – Kristen, Auntie Julie, Bob, Amy, Tommy, Bob and Nick 

Mom's 019

Gandpa and Uncle Dan

Mom's 020

Grandpa and Grammy 

Mom's 021

Joe and Lisa 

Mom's 022

Josh and I 

(See my hair is lighter – Josh did my highlights for me!)

Mom's 023

Hubby, Auntie Bonnie and Josh 

Mom's 024

Kristen (cousin) 

Mom's 025


Mom's 027

Tommy, Amy and Josh

Mom's 030

OPENING GIFTS – Joe (Cousin) 

Mom's 029

More Gift Opening – Josh, Dale, Erik Tommy and Hubby

 Mom's 028  

Gifts Galore…..

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