I think I am pretty much done with Christmas Shopping…I have never been this late in finishing up my shopping.   I do need to pick up a family gift from Santa, but I can’t figure out for sure what that should be.   So I will chat some more with hubby.  I finally figured out a gift for hubby, but just now came up with another idea.  ARRGH!!  We set a low amount to spend on each other so it is hard to find something sometimes.  I had $40.00 to spend on him.  

I am back at the hotel and I will be heading up to my room and then will come down to have supper at the Timber Lodge Steak House.  YUMMY!!  THen I am going to curl up in bed and read all night.  YEAH!!!  

Have a great night!!

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  1. My hubby is EXTREMELY hard to buy for so I can sympathize with you. You would think the person we know the most should be the easiest…. perhaps it’s because they usually buy themselves what they want when they want it. Mine does anyway. Luckily he is low maintenance and doesn’t want a whole lot .


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