I woke up this morning to the house full of Christmas boxes.  ARGH!!   Yesterday was a pretty good day.   I cleaned and did laundry in the morning.  At about 1:00 we left and went to the library, CVS, Target and Aldi.   Once home I made some marinated pork chops, baked pots and veggie.   We had a nice supper and then we watched How the Grinch Stoled Christmas.   I love the remake of that with Jim Carrey.  When the movie was done Tommy and I were heading to bed.   Just then Josh came home and said “let’s get the tree up!”  So we stayed up and took all the Christmas stuff out of the attic and set up the tree.   Josh’s girlfriend was also over to help with it.   We went to bed after setting up the tree and planned on decorating it today!

Today….hubby wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to go to church.  He is still sleeping right now.  I am doing laundry and have supper started in the crockpot!  I have done a load of laundry and will shower and get ready for our day in a bit.   I will be cleaning and decorating for Christmas today.  At 2:00 we have tickets to take Tommy to a play, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.  I hope Tommy likes it.  We have not taken him to a play before, but we love to go.  

I will spend some time today planning for next week as well.  I have my menu for he week done.  We are working very hard to eat everything in our freezer.  It is almost empty, I probably have about one more week of food in there.  


SUNDAY – Pea Soup (crockpot) and Rolls

MONDAY – Hamburger Helper and Vegetable

TUESDAY – Turkey Noodle Soup (Freezer)

WEDNESDAY – Baked Chicken Breast (Crockpot – 8-10hrs)

THURSDAY – Brendas Baby Back Ribs (Crockpot: 8-10hrs) – Mashed Pots

FRIDAY – Frozen Pizza and Salad – MOVIE NIGHT

SATURDAY – Rostierre Chicken (Crockpot 4 – 6 hrs)

SUNDAY – Scalloped Potatoes and Ham (Crockpot: 6-8 hrs)



I am almost done with my book for book group this month.  We are reading, Gardenias by Faith Sullivan. 

I checked out the following books at the library yesterday….

1.  Claire Knows Best – Tracey Bateman (Christian Fiction)

2.  Creative Correction – Lisa Whelchel

3.  The Busy Mom’s Slow Cooker Cookbook – Jyl Steinbeck  (I really like this cookbook and plan on asking for it for Christmas!!)  


I really need do my blog……not much of a Christmas look around here!

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