I went to my in-laws in the morning and met with the social worker from the county.  My MIL was assessed for the Elderly Waiver.  She will beginning receiving some services next week so hopefully that will lighten some of our load.   Then I headed to work for the afternoon. 

I got a few budgets done and turned in yesterday.   I then decided not to go to book group as I was jsut too tired.  So I headed home to sleep.   I had supper with the kids and my parents.  My hubby came home and wasn’t feeling well.  He had severe abdominal pain.   He went to lay down for a bit while Josh and I applied for his student loan.  

I went to check on hubby and he was worse and we headed up taking him to the emergency room.   Josh and I got him in there and then we had to wait for almost an hour for him to be seen.   After first they thought he had a kidney stone.  But that was ruled out.  They ran a lot of tests and we were still at the hospital after 1:00am this morning.   So they decided to admit him into the hospital and run more tests today.   I called this morning and he is doing about the same.  

My parents are going to grandparents day with Tommy and I am going take a little nap before heading back to the hospital.   Life always has it’s struggles……………I am very glad my parents are here to help out a bit. 

4 thoughts on “Thursday……

  1. Good grief!  I wonder what’s going on with your hubby?  Y’all will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

    RYC:  I’m glad you felt that way about that book.  I sometimes think that I am too demanding with regard to my books and it helps to know that it struck someone else the same way.

    Thank you also for your other comments.  I do think that this anger is the next phase of the depression, as I’m climbing out of the sad, soggy part.  I think it’s a vital, real part of what’s going on but I certainly don’t want to be expressing it around the little people or even my husband because it’s not their faults.  And I don’t want to internalize it.  So there you go.

    I wish I could say something supportive…you’ve got so much on your plate right now!  Don’t let yourself get worn down to the point where you get yourself sick as well. 

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