For A LIttle Fun……..

Ok, I heard on the radio that Oprah isn’t doing her yearly “my Favorite Things” episode this year.  Instead she gave each person in the audience $1000.00 in which they have to spend right away on a stranger.   Good concept…but I love her favorite things list….

So please start adding your favorite things to your site and post it here.  WHat are your favorite things????

My list will be a work in progress…….

1.   V Smile Pocket – Cool hand held game – Tommy loves this!!  He loves to learn and really enjoys these games.  Now they are even portable!!

2.  Bob Books – I taught Tommy to read before the age of 4 with these books.  He is great at sounding out words and will try to write me notes by himself. 

3.  BOOKS – I love to read, but I am trying to not spend so much money on books.  I love our library online, half. com, and the half price books store!!  

4.  Cooking/ Recipes –  I love to cook.  My favorite magazine is Simple and Delicious (used to be Quick Cooking).   LOVE Menus For Moms – free weekly dinner menus!

5.  Organizing/Home management – in my busy life I have to stream line everything and aI am always pumped when I come up with something new.  I love Flylady , her timer and calendar. (only calendar I ever buy!)  I must admit I don’t love her duster all that much. 

6.  Clothes – not much of a clothes person by I love Tommy Hilfiger Classic Cut jeans (only kind I buy) and Lee Casual Dress Pants for work. 

7.  Shoes – I love Boots!!  Franco Sarto’s are nice!!!  Gotta have good looking boots in MN.  I love sandals in the summer!   I like Eurostep

8.  SanDisk Sansa m240 1GB* MP3 Player – I love my MP3 PLayer and downloading books from the!!

9.  Weight Watchers – the point system worked great for me!!   I love eating Smart Ones.  It makes the counting of points easy! 


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