Happy Wednesday……This week has been flying by.  We are always so busy. Today I work and then we are heading to church.  My SIL is joining the bible study with me. That should be fun.  I need to finish reading the assignment during my lunch break.   Tomorrow I work only part of a day and then I am heading to a friend’s cabin for a girls day out.  We are having book group at the cabin.  All 10 of us are going.   I plan on going on Thursday and coming home on Saturday others are staying through Sunday.

Saturday night we have plans to go with friends to the Dweebs concert at the catholic church.   Other than that not much else planned for the weekend.   

Erik enjoyed his Birthday last night.  I can’t find the cord for my camera so pictures will have to wait.   He had his favorite supper and was thrilled with his present.  We bought him a portable DVD player.   He was pretty thrilled with it, smiling ear to ear.   So each day he will be able to use it once his homework is done.  Hopefully this will be motivating to him.   He wanted a TV for in his room and this is the closest we will come to at this time.  This is easier for us to control and monitor.

Tommy has a field trip today so we have to be at school early.   He is going to the nature center to look at the fall colors and hike.   I love his school.   He is going three days a week this year and is learning so much.   It is so hard to believe next year he will be starting school.   WOW!!!   My baby is growing up too fast.   This weekend we also need to go look for a Halloween costume before things are picked over. 

 Have a great day!!

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  1. I am glad to hear that you are going to have some girl time. Everyone needs that from time to time. Sounds like you are going to have fun. I wish I could join ya. Glad that Erik had a wonderful birthday. He will enjoy that CD player.

  2. I also am a mother of  3 boys 9,7,and 6.  6 year old has speech delay, learning promblems, and IEP. and then today 9 year old was checked for Add and he has it . I am new to this ADD but when I was younger my brother had it and may still but he was put on ridien and was a bumb and always crying and I don’t want that for my kid. Aslo think my 6 year old may have it. Thanks for listening..

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