Where has all the time gone??  Tuesday already??  It is after 8:00pm and I am still at the office and just finally ate supper.  I will be working for a few more hours.  I didn’t plan to work this late, but I had to leave work to tour two nursing homes today for my mother in law.  We found a nice one in Stillwater that she will be moving to, I think on Thursday.   I am hoping once she is situated in the new place things will be less hectic.   I am coming into the busy season for me at work.  I have already scheduled many appointments for October and will be having at least 2 home visits each day and have two court hearing in October already..   Hopefully this year the busy season will end before the holidays and we can enjoy more of the holidays.   I was suppose to go to Erik’s Open House at school tonight, but just couldn’t since I had to take off for the tours today.   Hubby and Erik’s mom went I think.  DOn’t get me wrong I am forever grateful for my job.  I have a wonderful employer that allows me great flexibility and just gave me a nice raise!   Can’t complain about that!  They also just gave me a new case as the client requested a change in worker. 

Our weekend went so quickly!!   Saturday was filled with many errands.  We had to stock up on supplies at Sams and get Groceries and a few random errands.   In the evening I crawled in bed to watch a movie and hubby went to the neighbors to help with their computer.   Sunday we went to church.  It felt GREAT to be back at church.  So many of our friends came ot greet us and visit.   It is good to be missed.   We had brunch at church than came home and did things around the house.  We made a big supper and my FIL came over to enjoy the meal with us.  I made a great Herb Coated Pork Roast.  I will share the recipe soon!  YUMMY!!!

Tomorrow night is church.  A friend at church encouraged me to join Disciple and be in her small group.   I will be going to that bible study each Wednesday if Tommy will go into a class.  He did attend Sunday school for the first time this last week so maybe we are moving beyond some of his separation problems.  Though he still insists on sleeping with Mamma most nights.  

Thursday I work all day and we have a parent meeting with Erik’s counselor in the evening.   Friday I need to drive to Duluth for a meeting and will be gone all day.  That will be the rest of my week.  It is sure going fast!!!  

Next week looks pretty busy as well.   I am only working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday.  Our book group is going away for the weekend to a cabin up North.  SHould be fun!   There are 10 ladies going!  I think I am only staying until Saturday and then will return home early. 


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