Good Night….

Time to call it a night.  We had a very busy day.   Hubby and I took the boys shopping for school things.     Erik wanted new shoes and a messenger bag so we found him those.   We got both at Kohl’s since they had 50% off almost everything in the store.  I also had a 15% off coupon.  Tommy got a new pack pack and shoes as well.  Hubby found three pairs of pants for work and 2 belts.   I bought one pair of shoes, that I need to return for a half size smaller.    BTW, I hate to shop!  We went out for lucnch at PotBellys afterwards!

We also bought most of the school supplies at Target.  Then it was off for haircuts.  So Erik is ready for school I think!    He will be at his mom’s again next week since we didn’t have anyone to watch him for us.   That is a real life saver for us.   Josh’s Girlfriend is out of town so she wasn’t an option and Josh is at college most of the day between his classes and work study job. 

Tonight we picked the broccolli from the garden and will eat that tomorrow.  We ate our watermelon tonight as well, which could have been a bit more ripe.   I wan’t sure how to check!  

Tommy also got his first pair of roller blades today.  That is an adventure…..He has fallen alot!  

Padding Up….Safety First!!!

Actually standing up!!!

Oh yeah and for other firsts for Tommy…he has his first loose tooth and is so excited!  He is telling anyone who will listen, even complete strangers!

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  1. I remember those days of learning how to roller blade with my son. A small pillow on the bottom tied around the waist does help a little when they fall. I still have one more to go thru this. I am glad he had fun.

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