Hey Everyone –  Hope everyone is well!   I can’t beleive how difficult it has become to post daily.   I just am pretty busy with work and getting thing organized for school starting.   Today I am headed off to work, but got sick on the way there and returned home.  So I am home today with a icky tummy.   No Fun!  I really don’t have time to be sick so I really hope this passes quickly.   My allergies have been bad as well so I just haven’t had the energy that I usual have. 

I was able to get to a couple of tasks I wanted to do.   I was able to post all my books on my bookshelf on to on the TBR list.  Now I know which books other members are waiting for that I have.  I will now read those first so I can mail them off and earn some credits to get some books.   I have already sent 6 books that I mailed to other members.  Once they receive them I will get my credit to get some more books. 

Books Read in August…..

Better Than Chocolate – Susan Waggoner – (4/5)

Rattled – Debra Galant – (4/5)

Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards – (4.5/5)

Once it is time for school to start I get the desire to organize and get back into our normal routine.   Some fellow members of xanga have posted some really great series regarding organizing, house management and christmas preparations.   MrsCatherine started her series on Preparing our Hearts and Homes for Christmas on the 21st of August.  I am a day behind in reading but an really looking forward to following along with Catherine in her preparations!

MVCountryRoads (Mistey) is also doing a couple of great series on developing a home schedule and another series on developing a Home Management Binder.  I am always so impressed with all Mistey does!  What a great mom to her little boys.  She is in her first year olf homeschooling as well. 

Check out both of these wonderful ladies blogs and the great series they are sharing with us all!  

My baby started college on Monday.  I can’t beleive it.  I am incredibly proud of Josh.  He has two classes right now and is working at the college for workstudy and still at the mall.  He continues to help us out so much with watching the kids.  I don’t know what we do without him.  What a blessing he is to us!

I need to go off and clean up the kitchen a bit before hubby gets home.   Have a great day!!   I will try and check in more later!


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