Let my weekend begin……no big plans for once for the weekend.  I do have a number of things around the house to take care of.   Gotta get ready for the block party a bit!  I hope to get a fair amount of reading done since it will be so hot!  Oh and I promised Tommy we would make a volcano!  Pictures to follow, of course, if I find my camera. 

Well it is nearly 7:00 and time for me to leave the office and head home!!   Later!! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Go home!

    RYC:  Yes, I loved Rattled, although it’s got all sorts of ungodly stuff in it:  cheating, lying, fornication, cursing.  But it was funny.  I just finished reading a book set in Bombay that you might like.  It’s called The Space Between Us.  There was another one that really got me thinking, about an American woman in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, called, When I Was Elena.

    I hope you have fun reading this weekend!  I think I’ll quilt.

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