I sure owe you all a real update!!   Thanks for all your kind comments and concern.   Life is hectic to say the least.  I can’t wait until school starts and life has more of a routine to it. 


Josh’s party was great.  A bit stressful, everything leading up to the party didn’t go so well, but the party was great.   The night before we still didn’t have the DVD done and hubby was up all night trying to get it to work.   I got up at 4:00 and worked on rebuilding it until about 8:00.   Hubby finally went to bed around 8:00 until the party.   So I was on my own to get the things that morning.   I picked up the balloons first, one broke on the way home.  No big deal…..came home and decorated a bit, then went to Sam’s Club to get the Cake.   This is where it all went down hill.  They didn’t have a cake for me.  They couldn’t find the order!   I was nearly ok…pretty much in tears in the middle of Sam’s.  They quickly decorated a new one for me and gave it to me free of charge.   I then came home and did a few things and then went to Kowalski’s to pick up the wraps….of course they weren’t done either!!!   I was so blessed that my boss and a co-worker, both great friends came early and helped getting the food all ready and decorating!   Gotta love them!

The big party is done….WHEW…and Josh has started his work study job at the college.  He likes it  and they really like him since he is a hard worker.   He keep his other job as well.  So he is working two jobs and rarely home.   For a graduation gift, hubby and I got him a laptop for school so he is loving that!   My little geek boy.  He is going to be majoring in some type of computer program so he will get a good use out of this machine.  It is NICE!!…Nicer than mine….hubby did a good job building/selecting it.  This is also why Josh loves his work study job.  He is working in the computer department for one of the supervisors doing projects for him.   He unpacked 36 servers and computer the other night.  He is a great independent worker, so he gets a lot of projects to do. 

Today I am working from home so I can be with Erik as Josh and his friends went to Valley Fair.  Josh has been great and willing to watch Erik for us when he need to work and he isn’t working.   It is pretty crazy trying to rearrange our schedules to meet Erik’s needs.  But we are doing.


Today Erik is not feeling well.  Hopefully he will be better tomorrow.   He finished summer school and the notes we got back from the teachers were very positive.  Though his math teacher said he needs to ask for help more.   We haven’t gone on any vacations this year and Erik hasn’t gone on one with his Mom either.  So he has been home most of the time.   He is no longer going to daycare so we are working hard to rearrange our schedules.  

He has been busy collecting aluminum cans and hopefully we can cash them in before the end of summer for him.  He will be greatly disappointed as he thinks he will be very rich after he sells them.   Reality will suck! 

Erik’s Dr is coming up with a new behavioral strategy for us to use so we are very anxious for that.  Hopefully we will have good results!


My baby is growing up.  He is now too big (according to him) for many things.   He has been sounding out more and more words.  Last night I was doing homework with him and we had to stop to go to bed.  He got really mad and said, “you never let me do homework”.  LOL   We are still getting the Brighter Visions educational boxes and he really loves them.   This month the set focuses on the Earth and we will be making a volcano this weekend.   It should be fun, I think even Erik will like it.  

Tommy is hard to keep in the house and yard.  He is off visiting friends alot.  Last weekend we both went swimming at the neighbors house and then we went to another neighbors to be in their new hot tub….LOL!!!  Our little social bug.  Boy…did he sleep well that night!


Our puppy has gotten so big and is still alot of fun.  He is not completely house trained, but we are getting closer.   He sleeps through the night and doesn’t get me up to go out until 5:30am!   Much better.   He is doing well at puppy kindergarten.  I have never trained a dog so it is amazing to me how easy it is!   He is being clicker trained so maybe that is the difference.   He is able to sit and lay down on command.   We are still working on walking on the leash without choking ourselves, but that needs work!   We have class tonight as well.   I would post a picture of how big he has gotten, but my camera has gone missing again.  One of he kids much have it.    We kenneled him for the first time when we went o Duluth, and that wasn’t that fun for us.  He was very happy to see us when we got home.  


He is very busy working and things.   He has been very nice and helping out around the house some.  What a difference that makes, I am very grateful for that.   I think his promotion has been pretty stressful for him among other things, but I think things are getting better for us all. 


I am doing ok….better actually.  I had the kidney surgery. It went fine and wasn’t that bad.   A few days of pain killers when they passed.  I was suppose to go back the Dr after the surgery, but haven’t done that yet.   The black cloud gave me a bit of a visit and actually more of a run for my money than usual.   I am trying to get back into alot of my routines and get things moving more smoothly around here again.    I am flexing my hours alot to make accommodations for various Dr appointments and Erik’s need for supervision.   It is only for another month, I can do that!   So depending on the day, I am either going into work early to get home earlier or going in later and working until late.  I just have to get my 40 hours in a week. 

Work is good and I am feeling like I am getting caught up in many areas.    We have a new security system at work and I need to be out of the office by 11:00pm every night or I set off the alarms and the police will come.  If they come for a false alarm the county will be charged $200.00 so I am making sure I am out of the office by 10:00 every night!!   The security guards leave earlier too, but that doesn’t bother me.  I can work in the building without them fine and have no concerns.   I have been getting quite a few new case and am serving just under 70 families right now.   So it is a must to try and keep up!    I also am developing a new home with a co-worker for   4 children.   So we are just starting that process as well.   Today I am working from home and tomorrow morning I will work from home until Josh gets home from work.   He is a life saver!!!  Thank goodness for a flexible job and boss.   But I always get my work done…that is the major thing they care about.   Just handled a huge crisis yesterday that took my whole day!  but it felt good to do real social work instead of this PW bull.   Gotta love government paperwork.   The big focus again in on revenues so I have to make the projected amount of money they expect each year.   I will find out what my projections is for this year in August.   I think my revenues are up so far…. I hope so anyways. 

And we have one more big event this summer.  The annual block party!   We are having it on August 5th ,but haven’t gotten many RSVP’s yet.  I hope they come in soon or we will have to cancel the party.  This is the 11th or 12th year of having it.  So this weekend I will be working on the budget for the event and getting the games worked out.   I didn’t order prizes yet so I will have to come up with something there.  Might be more snacks than prizes this year.  We didn’t rent a bouncy thing this year…not sure we have the money.   The kids really love the games!

Well I think that is it………..sorry I have been neglecting you all.  Know you are often thought of and appreciated greatly!!!   Once I find my camera I will share some pics……..

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  1. Great to hear you are doing better and are back to blogging! 😉    I felt a big relief too when my son’s graduation party was done this year.   I understand about things being busy, I thought summer would slow down, but so far it hasn’t! haha  🙂   Hope the block party comes together nicely.  Have a great evening! 🙂

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