What is Life Like at out house when Mom is under the Weather…………

Well tonight my children had a meal with vegetables and fruit.  Yep, that means Mom is back!!  The last 4 meals for them has been pizza and left or pizza…LOL!  As you can tell my hubby loves to cook.   Tonight my children had Tex-Mex Pasta Skillet (one of Erik’s Fav), Sugar Snap Peas and Strawberries and Bananas(Tom’s Fav).  They each now have a couple of clean outfits to go to school and more to get done….lots of laundry to actually get done with.

Now I am off to conquer a mongo pile of dishes.   When Mom is down things go a bit off schedule.  

Guess what???  My baby graduates from High School on Friday!!   It is so surreal for me.   I know I will cry and cry seeing him in his cap and gown.   I am so proud of who he has become…and to think, I was only 17 when I gave birth to that young man and I raised him alone for the most part.   He was and is such a blessing in my life.  Yes, we all know having a baby at such a young age, not such a good idea, but I wouldn’t change any of it.   I am so reflective on my life recently since he is graduating and I am so happy everything turned out for he and I.  I don’t often talk about this part of my life, but the #1 thing I learned and makes the difference in my opinion if you are a good teen parent or not is what are you willing to give up for your child??   Josh was my #1 priority.  He and I spent all our time together when I wasn’t in school/college.   My parents were also very supportive but lived in a different state.  But I didn’t go out party or any of that.  I didn’t have others care for him except when I was in class.  Yep, I don’t have great meories of friendship, etc from college, but I do of being Josh’s mom!  That was my priority, I read stories and books with my little guy, went to the park and enjoyed being his Mom.   I know had I not gotten pregnant with Josh when I did my life would not have been like it is.  I would not have been so driven to succeed, but I was because I had to take care of him.   I love him so much!!!  He definitely was and is a blessing from God.         (SEE WHAT I meant about sentimental…..ARGH…yep, I am crying!!! …Get used to some sappy junk.  It is my first baby graduating…..)

6 thoughts on “What is Life Like at out house when Mom is under the Weather…………

  1. Congrats to both you and your son! ITA with what you said…it’s all what you are willing to sacrifice to be the best parent you can be…and it sure sounds like you are a great one! Any post-HS plans for Josh?

    Laughed at your supper comment!! Isn’t that the way when the dads have to take over? Too funny, but happy your kids got all four food groups yesterday!

  2. Way to go Jen!  What an inspiration you are to many mom’s.  I can only hope I do half as well as you as a mother.  Your baby has turned into a fine young man and he can be so very proud of what he has accomplished and who he was raised by.  Please let him know The Sauders are sending him lots of blessings for the next chapter in his life.  Talk to you soon!  Hugs to you all!

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