Hey Everyone…..hope you are having a great weekend.  Ours is going pretty good.   But very busy trying to get caught up with things around the house.

We went to the library and to the new Aldi to get groceries.  It was nice to have one closer now.   I bought enough groceries for 11 days and only spent $97.00.  I am really trying to budget wisely!  Then we came home and I asked to see Erik’s homework.  Hubby had done homework with Erik on Friday night and Friday night when I got home Erik said he was all done.    So Saturday I ask to see it and find he wasn’t done at all!  He had pulled a fast one on his Dad and his Dad wasn’t too happy.  

So hubby went to work and I got Erik working on homework.  He did it very well and got it all done so he could watch a movie with Josh and Amy tonight when they babysat.   I sure wish that Erik would work as well with hubby as me.   He knows I won’t put up with it and he will have to do the homework.   He knows that with Dad having ADD, that he will forget about things and takes advantage of that.  

Hubby just asked me to write him a checklist for each day I am gone in Duluth.  So I will get that done for him.  It will be helpful for everyone I think. 

Saturday night hubby and I went on our first date since January.   We saw the movie Silent Hill, not sure I really liked it all that much.  It didn’t have much of a story line, but plenty of gore!!

While we were out last night,   Josh brought in the loft Bed for Tommy’s room and set it up for us.   Tommy is very excited about having the new bed in his room.   He even slept in it last night all night!!!   I was scared he might roll off the bed so hubby took the gate from the steps and put it down the side of the bed.   Hubby is so smart!


Hubby and Josh aren’t feel very well this morning.  They both have  upset tummies so we will be home today.  I have plenty of laundry to keep me busy that is for sure!! 

I am off to straighten up Tommy’s room and reorganize the new furniture that Josh brought in for him.  

We are trying to figure out summer plans for the boys.   Erik and hopefully Tommy too will be taking classes in the Kaleidoscope program at Century College.  Other summers there was no way I could swing the extra $100 or $200 a month for classes for Erik.  I made a deal with Erik he can pick one fun class he wants to take for each one his dad and I pick.   Hubby and I picked a brush up Math course that is for 4 days and is $95.00 I think.   We also picked a study skills course also only 4 days.  The classes are sort of expensive, but since it is doubtful the school is going to provide summer school programming for Erik, we need to invest in his future!   Luckily my hubby feels the same way and will spend the money for the kids education no problem.   I have also considered asking the school district if there are any teachers who do private tutoring over the summer.   If I could pay a teacher 20 or so a hour to work with Erik it would benefit us.   I thought only about 4 hours a month to monitor what we are doing with Erik and give us guidance on what to work on with Erik.   That might be more than we can afford, we are going to set down with our budget in June and figure it all out.    Josh’s child support will end so we will have less money in the home anyways.  

Of course none of the classes for Tommy coorespond with then weeks my daycare goes on vacation.   ARGH!!   So I will have to pay double alot of week this summer.  I still pay my SIL even if Tommy isn’t there.   

For Tommy I need to have in one or two classes this summer to continue to work on separation issues.   I don’t want to regress on that over the summer and have problems again when preschool starts next year.   Next year in preparation for Kindergarten, Tommy will be going to preschool 3 days a week.  Then the following year he will be starting at Parochial school and will be attending full-day Kindergarten. 

Have a great day!

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