Things are Moving Along….

We are still working on getting all the computers set back up.  Hubby’s is the last one to need to be set up.  They are working on that now.   Last night I finished Josh’s application for college and mailed it.  It is official….no turning back!!   I completed the online application for financial aide…YIKES!!  It said the parental comtribution has to be over 13,000.00 based on our income.  YIKES!!  I sure hope that includes his room and board to live here.   We really don’t have an extra 13,000 to spend on Josh’s education right now.   We are still paying off debt from when hubby was unemployed for over three years.   It doesn’t help that his new job at the college was a pay cut…so it has been difficult.   Oh…well God provides….we always find a way to make it.  I will just trust that that will continue to be the case.  

We are blessed with great friends and neighbors!!   Of course a good friend allowed us the time share in Florida!!  We would have never been able to afford the trip without that.  Yesterday I was out chatting with my neighbor.  Gotta love the warm weather, you get to see everyone again.   We were talking about graduation and things and I said we are going to make chicken salad and I wasn’t sure what else yet.   He said his contirubtion to the party would be the chicken salad.  He works for a cafetieria/catering sort of place and they have a great chicken salad.  I jsut have to let him know how many people will be attending the open house.   We were talking about us rearranging our house and I said I was going to get Josh a fridge for his bedroom.  My neighbor had one going unused in his garage and sold it to me for very little!  YEAH!!  See how God provides for us……

Lastly today at church in the bulletin was an annoucement about the mission kids doing a work day to raise money for their trip.  Hmmm…..hubby decided it would be good to hire 4 of them to help finish painting the living room!   It should be helpful!  I signed up for April 30th, but realized that I would be out of town that day.  So I will call the church and ask to sign up for May 13th instead.   I am always amazed at how God provides for us…….

Blessings to you and your family this Easter Day!

One thought on “Things are Moving Along….

  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog.  I went to your site.  Thank you!  I’m going to  check it out some more. 
    Last yr we were going thru the process of getting our daughter graduated now she is finishing up her first yr of college.  She has grown into a beautiful, Godly young lady and so quickly at that. 
    Was that the FAFSA you sent in?  I did that last week.  I have to tell you that God has amazed me in how things have worked out with our daughter.  I know that He will work things out for your son.
    Praying you have a blessed day.

    Patty H

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