I think we now know why we all had such a difficult night sleep on Friday night.  Tommy tossed and turned so much.  Well a couple of time yesterday during the day he said he had a headache.  I didn’t think much of it since we were at the circus and he is very sensitive to loud noises.   Last night at about 2:00am he starts crying and crying that his ear hurt.   ARGH!!   I think he has an ear infection.  The urgent care we usually go to open at 9:00 so I will call to get an appointment.  So no church again for us today.  


I got alot of the living room cleaned.  I moved and mopped the wood floor under all the furniture and dusted the cleaned all the furniture very well.  I have to clean out the rest of the Entertainment Center and the coat closet.   I need to run to Old Navy today to get Tommy a spring jacket.     I didn’t make it there yesterday.  I was so tired of shopping by the time I was done.  

In the morning Tommy and I went to the library, the bank and got our haircut.  Hubby was working for the morning.  Then we had a quick lunch and headed to the circus.   Tommy didn’t want to stay for the entire thing, but we made it.   He fell asleep on the way home and slept most of the evening.  Guess he really isn’t feeling well.  

I needed to go shopping for some work clothes for spring.  I really needed some short sleeve shirts for work.    I went to Kohls and bought 10 shirts for work and some under garments.  The had 50% off spring shirts so I stocked up!  I only ended up spending a little over $100.00 so that is very good!    I also needed a pair of flat black shoes.  I usually wear my boots every day, but I have done something to my foot.   The top of my foot is swollen, red and painful.   It hurts to walk even.  So I will wear some flat mules I bought for a while to see if my foot heals.     Today I need to go through my current spring clothes and donate at least 10 shirts.  After Kohls’ I went to Target to get Easter Candy and some household items.   It was after 9:00 by the time I got home and Tommy was still sleeping!

I also took my wedding ring in to get an estiamte on reapirs.  Had I been taking it in every six months for cleaning and inspection the repairs would have been free.  GRRRRR….that is so hard to remember.   I lost one of the 11 diamonds on my ring.  At least it was one of the smaller ones!    They guess that the diamond will cost about $50.00 to replace – so glad it was a small one! Then the goldsmith needs to rebuild a prong and things so it will probably be arond $100.00 to fix it.  They will have an estimate to me by Thursday.  It feels weird to be without my ring since I never ever take it off.  I took hubby’s ring in for cleaning and inspections since I was there.  


Laundry and finish the rest of my list!   I should be home all day  today besides taking Tommy to Urgent Care and buying him a sweatshirt.  I think I bought one on clearance for Erik at the end of the season.  I am going to have to look.  

I am off to pop in a movie I rented from the library (only 50 cents a day!)  and sort through my basket of paperwork that needs attention!  


Tommy to Shrine Circus – DONE
Tom Haircut – DONE
Library – get books/Return two- DONE
Wedding Ring to Jeweler (Lost one of my diamonds   )   – DONE
Buy – Easter Treats to Fill Eggs For Church Egg Hunt, Cat Litter and Bags (TARGET)- DONE
Go to Kohl’s to start buying some spring shirts for work- DONE
New Black shoes for work???- DONE
Make Menu for the next two weeks
Mission Trip Paperwork – DONE
FInish College Paperwork/Financial Aide – DONE
Do Erik’s 3 Yr Assessmennt Paperwork for School
Declutter/Spring Clean Living Room- DONE
Do Day Three Installment of Vacation…
Laundry Of Course
Tommy to Urgent Care – DONE
Buy Tommy a Sweatshirt – DONE

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