Good Morning!  I am up early for a Saturday.  I just couldn’t sleep.  So I figured I would get up and do a few things around the house before everyone is up.  I am going to declutter the Living Room, MrsCatherine’s way this morning until everyone wakes up.  

Then I will run errands and things with Tommy this morning and hubby will be going into work for a while.   We have tickets this afternoon for the shrine circus though. 

I have alot of paperwork stuff to get caught up on as well.   Plenty to do!!  


I tried to call Josh’s bio father.   Wow, I guess I really do rarely ever speak to him! His number has been changed and I don’t have a new one.  OOPS.  It has been a few years.  I sent him an email so we will see if I get an repsonse.  I just have some questions about Josh’s graduation and what he would like to do as far as being involved. 

Last night I was home with Tommy, Josh and Charlie (josh’s best friend).   Hubby was at a recognition event for work until late.  The boys and I ordered pizza.  Domino’s since hubby wans’t here!  Then Charlie and Josh went to the mall and Tommy and I curled up in bed an watched a movie.   I was so tired…….so really needed a relaxing evening.  I am not sure what time Josh and Charlie got home I was sound asleep.  Charlie stayed overnight and they both are still sleeping.  Not sure if Josh works today or not…..but he and I have to finish the college admissions stuff this weekend for sure!


Tommy to Shrine Circus
Tom Haircut
Library – get books/Return two
Wedding Ring to Jeweler (Lost one of my diamonds   )  
Buy – Easter Treats to Fill Eggs For Church Egg Hunt, Cat Litter and Bags (TARGET)
Go to Kohl’s to start buying some spring shirts for work
New Black shoes for work???
Make Menu for the next two weeks
Mission Trip Paperwork
FInish College Paperwork/Financial Aide
Do Erik’s 3 Yr Assessmennt Paperwork for School
Declutter/Spring Clean Living Room
Do Day Three Installment of Vacation…
Laundry Of Course

Check out Recipe Link from Kelios Blog…

WisconsinMomof2 – ordered pics from this site, Winkflash.  I am going to finally get caught up on our pictures!

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