I’m Not Sick…..I’m Not Sick……

I keep telling myself I am not getting sick.   Hopefully it will be short lived for me.  Tommy still had a temp last night so he is home with me today.  Erik didn’t vomit at all yesterday so he did go to school today.  He has an appointment with the psychiatrist for med evaluation so won’t be at school all day. 


I couldn’t wait for my hubby to get home since I was feeling bad and really wanted to lay down.   He got home and brought popsicles for everyone with sore throats.  I gave the boys their meds and went to my room to nap a bit.  Hubby said he would watch the boys for me and care for them for a bit.  

I get all cozy and start drifting off and Tommy come in and snuggles his hot fever filled body up against me cuz he was tired.   Ok…I can sleep through this, I am so tired!   Then he decides he wants to watch TV so he turns on my tv and watches some cartoon.  I don’t care I am dead to the world.   A few more minutes and Erik comes in and crawls in bed with me too.  He wants to color, he says.  Ok….I can sleep through this all.   Where is my hubby? Who is suppose to be caring for the children so I can rest.  Both boys are in bed with me!  So needless to say I didn’t really get any rest, but hubby got his work done on my laptop in the living room.   He was working in there so he could watch the kids…LOL!!   Hmmm..the kids were with me.

I finally got up as the boys were feeling better and wanted to eat.  So I warmed them up some french toast and got them ready for bed.   Erik was in bed early since he was going to try to go to school the next morning.   Tommy was very much awake and didn’t get him to settle down and sleep until after midnight.   He was crying alot in his sleep.  I think it was his throat hurting, I am not sure.  I got up and have him more tylenol.  


I have told myself I am not sick!!  I rested this morning with Tommy and now I have showered and dressed to my shoes.   I lysoled down the bathroom again and will tidy up and lysol the rest of the house, 15 minutes at a time.  Time to wash up barf buckets and wash the blankets the boys had on the couches with them.   

I need to get going on some laundry so I can pack for our vacation.  We leave on Sunday.  I have both Erik and Tommy all packed so far.   Hopefully tomorrow Tommy can go to daycare and I will get a few things done around the house.    I totally missed out on the MSSA conference since I had to be home with sick kids.   I will have to find some additional training to go to so I have enough CEU’s for my social work license renewal. 

I also need to pay bills and take care of those type of things before we leave.  I better get going….baby steps……

It really does help to tell yourself your not sick…LOL!! 

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