I am just adding up our out of pocket medical expenses since 3/13/06 and between script refills, OTC meds and office Co-pays we have paid just under $250.00.   CRAZY!!!  I am just submitting this all for reimbursement from my flexible spending account.   I have already spent $900.00 in medical expenses since the beginning on the year.  Isn’t that crazy!   I didn’t take enough out to make it through to the end of the year that is for sure.  Erik’s braces alone are $89.00 a month. 

Just on a healthy month with no medical appointments we have $185.00 in co-pays for monthly medicine refills.  Of course that doesn’t include the $260.00 a month I pay for health insurance.  Yikes!! Almost $500.00 in medical expenses a month in a healthy month.  

But thank God we have health insurance……things always could be worse.  It is just a huge chunk of our monthly budget.  

Ok I am done whining.  I am off to finish up here at the office and head home to my sick little guys!  

2 thoughts on “YIKES!!!

  1. YIKES!

    Hope everyone is feeling better and no one else gets sick!

    Planes, of course, are terribly dehydrating. Make sure everyone drinks a lot of water on Saturday!

  2. Jen… thanks for stopping by! I must thank the previous owner of our home for the basic layout of the laundry room… I love it! Now if I could just get it out of the basement! Thanks! Teri

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